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The Kegan were a race of sentient, humanoid, reptomammals that were native to the planet Acra.

Physical descriptionEdit

Kegan were extremely humanoid and casual glancers often mistook them for muscular humans, however there were several important (and somewhat obvious) differences. They had reddish skin, a long sinuous tail with a pendulum shaped blade on the end, a mouth filled with two rows of razor sharp teeth, retractable claws, bird like legs and most notably of all two leathery wings that were so large that Kegans could wrap them around their bodies like cloaks. They always had straight black hair and hawk eyes with a stunningly large amount of colors which ranged from purple, green, brown, yellow and rarely, black.


Kegans lived in the mountains of Acra and built large cities into the sides. Being creatures of the wing they had little use for transportation and only used vehicles for particularly long distances which they couldn't cross on their own. Some formed small villages off of the larger cities and herd Hagrats, a form of livestock that could be sold as pack animals, for their warm fur or just for meat. They were somewhat wary of outsiders and most acted quite cold to foreign strangers but held grudging respects for those that somehow earned it. They were explorers by nature and often travelled to larger planets and because of this strange sense of adventure some became archaeologists. They also had an extremely large military which obviously, consisted mainly of aerial troops and trained creatures as mounts. They were very technologically advanced. Their diets consisted of fish, berries and eels.


During the clone wars, the Kegan believed themselves to be safe from the marauding CIS and galactic army because of their remote locations, but sadly they were wrong. The CIS temporarily moved in for bases, something which greatly angered the Kegan who took to arms and fought for their freedom. They were aided by the Galactic army and quickly managed to drive away the separatist plague and the Jedi won the Kegan's respect. During the rise of the Empire, Acra was once more invaded and once more the Kegan launched an attack. This time however, their former allies were against them and despite their best efforts were defeated with crushing losses. Shortly after, Acra was placed under Imperial supervision. Many Kegans were outraged and many more joined the Rebellion and were rejoicing as much as they could when it finally fell to the rebellion. Representatives were sent to join up with the New Republic and the Kegans stopped being so weary of outsiders.

Famous membersEdit

Perhaps the most well known Kegans were the famous Commander Krogant who fought in the clone wars and helped destroy a CIS base and Maverick Tegonta, the apprentice to Jirachi Kna.

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