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The Keeta Syndicate was a group of usually about six organized crime families. When a crime family was deemed no longer worthy of being in the Keeta Syndicate, or had no male heir related to the founder to continue its dynasty, it would be ended and replaced by any new "rookie" families.


Phoncir Family: ACTIVE (119 BBY - ???)Edit

The original family first constructed, the Phoncir Family was led by Jerec Phoncir. It was currently led by his great-descendant Kandori Phoncir.

Runi Family: RETIRED (97 BBY - 23 BBY)Edit

The "lamest" of all Keeta families, the Runi Family was ended when Chenock the Duros killed the leader, Don Runi.

Nathucar Family: RETIRED (106 BBY - 41 BBY)Edit

The Family was headed by Dernon Nathucar, an Aqualish who retired due to his lack of enthusiasm. The Korlioan Family replaced this one.

Otuk Family: ACTIVE (72 BBY - ???)Edit

This family was started by Samul Otuk, a Twi'lek.

Korlioan Family: RETIRED (41 BBY - 13 ABY)Edit

Led by Vytto Korlioan, the Korlioan Family had great moments, but was ultimately ended.

Nossk-Shissk Family: ACTIVE (65 BBY - ???)Edit

Started by Nossk and Shissk, two Trandoshan brothers.

Bogajara Family: ACTIVE (110 BBY - ???)Edit

This family was created by Bogajara the Hutt in 110 BBY.

O.C.R. Ire: ACTIVE (31 BBY - ???)Edit

The Organized Crime Republic of Ire was started by rebellious humans in the northern continents on the planet Ire.

Dovvus Family: RETIRED (118 BBY - 0 BBY/ABY)Edit

Started by the Gand clan Dovvus, it was ended 118 years later when a schism in the hierarchy caused the family to split up.

Pegg Family: ACTIVE (29 BBY - ???)Edit

The family was started by Nicholas Pegg, and his son Shaun.

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