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My favorite dish would have to be fried Mon Calamari, with a dash of Togruta horn sauce. Nothing like the taste of diced and charred alien. It tastes like victory.
—Kaurig Caalim

Supreme Fleet Centurion Kaurig Caalim was the commander of the space fleet of the Neo-Imperium and one of the Empire's most fanatically loyal servants.


Early lifeEdit

Kaurig was born to Petro and Audril Caalim in 572 ABY. He was raised in the heights of upper Coruscant and led a comfortable childhood in a sparkling flat that spiked up into the planet's exosphere. His only regret was that for most of his childhood his father was away at war.

Petro Caalim had from a young age been a Flight Officer in the Neo-Imperial Navy. He was the commanding officer of the Assailant-class warcruiser Defenestration. Unbeknown to the growing Kaurig on Coruscant, his father's battleship headed up the 347th Sector Fleet, the most decorated naval unit in the Neo-Imperial Navy. Petro's involvement in the Second Yuuzhan Vong Uprising proved instrumental to an Imperial victory. Only six months after Zonama Sekot had been glassed, marking the Uprising's end, another rebellion flared up on Kessel, the bloody conflict that would come to be known as the Xenos Revolution. The Yuuzhan Vong rebel remnants had enlisted other alien species to their cause, and they were once more challenging Humans for supremacy. Petro was called away again, but this time he would not return.

Defenestration was infiltrated by a group of Anzati assassins thirty-six hours before it was to engage the Xenos fleet at Kessel. They breached the bridge, pinned Petro to the cold durasteel floor, and sucked the soup of out his body while he was still alive. They then overloaded the flagship's reactor and evacuated before it imploded.

The loss of Flight Officer Caalim and Defenestration would backfire on the Xenos. The Neo-Imperial fleet, spurred into ferocity by the brutal assassination of its commander, arrived early and routed the Xenos 14th Space Corps, then Base Delta Zeroed Kessel into a chunk of charred radioactive waste.

Still, not everyone was heartened by Petro's death. His widow Audril, upon hearing the news, calmly walked off the patio of their apartment, falling several thousand miles to her death. Her body was never recovered.

Because Petro had been a military officer, custody of young Kaurig passed directly to the state. Kaurig was placed into an accelerated military prodigy program for prospective officers and upon graduation was inducted directly into the Neoimperial Fleet Academy on the industrial ecumenopolis of Manaan.

Young adulthoodEdit

After graduation from the academy, Kaurig was inducted into the Neo-Imperial Navy, where he opted to enlist in the Trooper Corps. When the Second Xenos Revolution flared up, Kaurig was on the front lines, fighting the aliens face-to-face on worlds ranging from Dantooine to Caamas.

His rose through the ranks and was finally awarded the position of General after fifteen years when he single-handedly defended the thirty-three other members of his platoon, all grievously wounded, against an invasion force of countless Wookiee and Anzati rebels for twenty-three excruciating minutes on the ancient ruins of a hidden ice base on Hoth. After he and his comrades escaped, he directed the Base Delta Zero operation that killed every last member of the Xenos 5th Sector Army.

Now a general, Kaurig personally led the spearhead into Hutt space, directing a battle fleet that struck the heart of the sector, Nal Hutta. The maneuver proved too audacious, however, and although the Hutts were forced to evacuate, a boarding party managed to capture Kaurig and take him with them.

For three years, Kaurig was tortured with long-lost implements of pain the Xenos rebels had rediscovered at their new hidden base on Korriban. Finally, the Neoimperial scouts discovered Korriban's excessive energy signature and dispatched a battle fleet to purge the aliens from their hiding place. In the chaos, a turbolaser blast burst a hole in Kaurig's holding chamber, and he broke free.

The Neo-Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, meanwhile, had laid siege to the Valley of the Dark Lords, where the Xenos Federation Naval Command Council had holed up. Despite incessant orbital bombardment and glassing of the planet from orbit, and a force of seven hundred thousand Neo-Imperial stormtroopers that surged against the defenses, the Xenos were unable to be rerouted. More and more resources were being poured into an increasingly futile effort.

But the victory came not from without, but within. Kaurig, freed from bondage, recovered an K-11 blaster carbine and rampaged through the interior of the base, slaying hundreds of aliens.

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