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Katae-muri was a Jedi Knight and wife of Jasca Ducato before his fall to the dark side of the Force. She maintained that he was "…a good man who only has the best for the galaxy at his heart. Its only he goes about different means in acheiving his aims…", even during the Sith Crusade, in which she play a critical role.

Born on Corellia she was discovered to be Force-sensitive in 24 ABY by Jasca and, after a rather "unorthodox" departure from Corellia became a Jedi Padawan like Jasca was at the time.

They later married at the behest of Luke Skywalker following the Swarm War.

She played a pivitol role in the battle of Ossus and was later present at the Assassination of Cal Omas. She was later killed during the battle of Praesitlyn.

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