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Only a fool says there is no Dark or Light. The Light brings healing and joy, while the Darkness brings only suffering and misery. You would do well to remember this.
Jedi Master Karr Jook relaying his thoughts of Potentium to Luke Skywalker

Karr Jook was a powerful Jedi Master of both the Old, and Reformed Jedi Order. He survived both the Clone Wars, and Order 66. Karr Jook trained several apprentices, including Faris Navin. He was, without question, one of the greatest healers in the history of the Order.


Early YearsEdit

Karr Jook was born on the planet Dorin, in the year 45 BBY. He was found to be strong in the Force at a young age, and taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained. Karr discovered his affinity for healing when he was only ten-years-old. Once during lightsaber training, another student named Chibro Kinto was badly wounded when a malfunctioning droid exploded. No one was around to help. Karr leaned sorrowfully over the boy, and thought of his injuries being healed, he wished there was something he could do. Suddenly a blue swirl of Force surrounded Chibro and his injuries began to heal. Afterward the two became inseparable friends.


Karr Jook was taken by Reia Antos as her Padawan learner in 35 BBY. He trained under her for many years; ultimately completing the Jedi Trials in 27 BBY and being granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

Reia's ExileEdit

When Karr Jook heard of his Master's exile from the Order, he was devastated. He believed that Reia had good intentions, but he wasn't sure whether or not she was right about the Chancellor. Never the less he took an apprentice of his own, and began to train him, sensing a great destiny before him.

The Battle of GeonosisEdit

Karr Jook was part of the strike team that Mace Windu assembled to save Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padme Nabbrie. He was one of the few survivors of this ferocious battle, and was responsible for the survival of many other Jedi due to his skill at healing.

Jedi GeneralEdit

Karr Jook was appointed as a Jedi General in the Clone Wars, and given command of a battalion of Clone Troopers. He led his troops to victory several times during the war, and he was genuinely proud of his soldiers' bravery.

Master Jook participated in a number of battles, including The Defense of Kamino.

Order 66Edit

My Master was right! Palpatine must be a Sith, why else would my Clones turn on me like this?
—Karr Jook

Karr Jook was stationed on Malastare when Order 66 was issued. His Clone Commander CC/5367, like all of the other Commanders, received a message from Palpatine ordering him to "Execute Order 66". He did so with enthusiasm, and Karr's clones immediately turned on him. The Jedi Master managed to slay his entire squad of clones; but was wounded in the process. He owed his survival to his extraordinary healing ability, and like many Jedi, he went into exile.

Life in ExileEdit

What are we to do Master Kenobi? Master Antos was right; and now we pay the price of disbelief. But what now? Do we simply hide until the time is right?
—Karr Jook

Karr Jook always planned to return again, to strike from the shadows.

Karr was contacted by Yoda who had sensed him though the Force, and told that Obi-Wan had survived as well. Having been told that Master Kenobi was on Tatooine he went to him for counsel, wondering what to do. He knew that his Master would if she survived, but he never made a significant reappearance until he returned from exile and aided in rebuilding the Jedi Order.

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