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Karla Shouja was the mother of the famous bounty hunter Ryluk Shouja and the wife of Skylkan Shouja. When Skylkan was killed, Karla was left to take care of young Ryluk on her own.

Karla was the motivating factor behind Ryluk's early life. She taught him Corellian culture as best as she could, all the way down to the Old Corellian language and the Corellian Gambit version of Sabacc. Karla cared for Ryluk in his infancy while his father was off making enemies and feared for all of their lives wile Skylkan was home, and feared Ryluk's life every time he left the door. She cared for his wounds after he got into a fight, and helped him excel in the small public school he attended.

When Ryluk was slashed by the Trandoshan mercenary and healed by Akak Chamna, Karla begged the kindly trader to take her son from the planet where he could find a better life. Akak agreed and took Ryluk as his own son.

Karla died shortly after Ryluk was taken away from J't'p'tan, content in the knowledge that her son was well taken care of.