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I would always use any means necessary to achieve my goals.―Kalar Orazio[src]

Kalar Orazio was the Senator of Alderaan during the Hutt War in 12,979 BBY. Orazio was born on Alderaan in 13,019 BBY as a member of the Orazion family, which owned a clothing business that was well-known throughout his home planet.

Circa 12,999 BBY, when the Alsakan Crisis between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union was coming to an end, Orazio became a poet and author of books about peace and politics. Twenty years later, after the Hutt War began between the Republic and the Hutt Empire, Orazio ran for the Galactic Senate and won the election, becoming the Senator of Alderaan.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

I studied a lot since I was five years old. From languages to martial arts, though martial arts were never really my thing.―Kalar Orazio[src]

Kalar Orazio was born in the capital city of Alderaan in 13,019 BBY as a member of the Orazion family. His family owned a clothing business that was well-known across Alderaan. Beginning at the age of five, Orazio studied a number of subjects, including languages and martial arts. Nevertheless, he did not consider himself a fighter. Throughout his youth, Orazio also traveled with his family to a number of different worlds throughout the Galactic Republic, giving him insight into a variety of different species and cultures in the galaxy.[1]

In 13,000 BBY, the Republic went to war with the Alsakan Union, a religious government that had attacked Coruscant and started the conflict. Orazio's brother, who worked for the Republic army, was killed during the war. His family's business also saw a decline in profits due to the conflict.[1]

Writing career Edit

It is said that my books changed a lot of the ways some people thought, but, well, that was something I was never really sure of.―Kalar Orazio[src]

When he was twenty years old, Orazio started to write poems, as well as books about peace and politics from his own point of view. Some of his readers told him that his books changed the way they thought about the subjects, though he was somewhat skeptical of those claims. He also started his own business, allowing him to accumulate a wealth of his own. Nevertheless, he did desire more, hoping to play a significant role in the Republic's democracy.[1]

Senator of Alderaan Edit was the right time for me to step up and represent my people.―Kalar Orazio[src]

After the Hutt War broke out between the Republic and the Hutt Empire in 12,979 BBY, Orazio decided to run for election as the Senator of Alderaan. He won the election and took office during the war.[1]

Shortly after his victory, Orazio traveled to Ossus with former Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac to learn more about the Jedi Order. He did not know much about the Jedi Order, so, because of his world's close relationship with the Jedi, he felt it was necessary to learn more about it.[2]

Personality and traits Edit

I wanted to play a major part in democracy. That was indeed my most important dream.―Kalar Orazio[src]

Beginning when he was a child, Orazio was a believer in and advocate of peace; his advocacy came as an adult, both through his writings and his political speeches. Nevertheless, he believed that peace did not always work and that war was sometimes needed. He chose a wartime setting to run for election and represent his people, which allowed him to serve in the Senate during the Hutt War. His service in democracy was the dream he held as being the most important to him.[1]

As a Galactic Senator, Orazio would keep up the image of a nice individual, but he did not believe that he was one. Instead, like Alcor Bac before him,[3] he would do what he felt was necessary in order to achieve his goals. Because of this, he described himself as a cunning individual.[1]

Despite his home planet's close relations with the Jedi Order, Orazio had limited knowledge of the Jedi upon his election to the Galactic Senate. He was skeptical as to whether they could be trusted, particularly after the emergence of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, a group of dark-sided Force users that included former members of the Jedi Order, around the time of his election. He also felt that their ability to use the Force to manipulate the thoughts of others should have given the Republic pause for concern.[2]

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...for me, knowledge and the power of speeches were the strongest weapons.―Kalar Orazio[src]

Beginning at the age of five, Orazio trained in the martial arts. Nevertheless, he never truly enjoyed it, as he did not believe that he was the warrior type. Instead, he later came to feel that his strongest weapons were knowledge and the power of his speeches.[1]

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You are improving greatly from your first profile...―Role-player The Dragon Reborn praises Kalar Orazio[src]

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