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Kal Serpenta, also know as Kal Serce, was a Commander of the RGU in special missions for the Republic. He was also one of the four survivors of the Mandalorian attack on Dxun in 3922 BBY.


The past of a racerEdit

Kal was born into the family of Rachael and Seth Serpenta, on Coruscant in 3945 BBY. His father was a prominent and wealthy Senator and his was in the ship trading business, so his childhood was lucrative and comforatable. But, for unknown reasons, Kal's parents fled the system, abandoing the ten-year-old at the home of his only friend Hana Zerron. But unable to support him, his foster family turned him out after only a few months Hana. They took him as far as Nar Shaddaa, where his uncle, a swoop mechanic by the name of Jason Serce lived.

Kal quickly grew to fame on the swoop track was a rising star as a swoop racer on Nar Shaddaa and won many medals and trophies.

The sabotageEdit

He sped his way through the ranks, he was the future of swoop racing. In the opening race of the new season, Kal was racing down the track, the other swoop was just a blip on his display,when a droid appeared from under the engine, slowly crawling closer to his fuel tank. Kal tried to shake it off but it held fast, cutting into his swoop with its laser. Suddenly, Kal's engines overloaded, with no control he span througth the crowd barriers, and cruising into the spectator stand.

Two months later Kal woke up in his old bed in Hana's home on Coruscant to hear that one of the spectators that died was his uncle Jason. Stricken by the news, Kal swore he would never fly a swoop again.

Its a fringers life for meEdit

In grievance for his uncle, Kal bought a ship - The Serpantine Warrior - and set out to its search of his last relatives, his Parents, and to escape the memories of what he'd endured. His first stop was Polis Massa where he had all his scarring cosmetically removed.

The run-way crashEdit

At last free of the memories of his brain damage, Kal returned to Coruscant. But whilst But in a strange feat of fate his engines failed and he ploughed into the landing pad, destroying his prized ship. Kal was left in a Coma.

The path to DxunEdit

3 months later Kal awoke in a med-bay. After a quick scan he gathered his things and stole away on a Freighter, two days later he found himself on Dxun, a moon of Onderon. He then spent a few weeks in a small village.