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Juc Taa (changed to Juc Fac) was a Geonosian captain who held high favor with Poggle the Lesser and Sun Fac.


Early lifeEdit

Juc Taa was a male Geonosian, like many others. He grew up around future general Fourso Taa and future right hand Fac. During an elite training in an arena, Sun was so impressed, that he allowed Juc to change his last name to Fac, and gain much more freedom than the other slavelike Geonosians.

Clone WarsEdit

In the battle of Geonosis, He and Fourso Taa eliminated a battalion of the 78th Legion together, then Juc retreated to his fighter.

He fought SARC/12164 and lost. But he repaired himself with droid limbs and later became a Captain of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was very acquainted to the droid armies and often built custom battle droids. He sometimes served under Fourso Taa, and was used as a bodyguard. He respected Fourso's bravery a lot, and followed him when possible.

He eventually built a droid from several parts given to him by the trade federation, and found that the head was actually OOM-9's, partially memory wiped, battered, and missing a piece, but it was still identified as OOM-9. He unofficially named his creation OOM-9.1. He was killed by CC/12194.


A strange fighter with this name appeared later on. It is unknown whether this is really the Geonosian or not, but his armor has the same blue markings as Juc's tattoos, and he seemed obsessed with avenging the Geonosian.

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