Jopfer was a male Bordenian. He was a Rebel scout. He was born in 18 BBY. Jopfer stood 2.4 meters tall and massed 85 kilograms. He had black skin, white fur, and black eyes. He was carefree and very vain, constantly polishing his horns and hooves and wearing a nose ring. He hated the color red but was a salt addict.

He had an extensive knowledge of the various species of grass that grew throughout the galaxy. He was also a trained metallurgist, electrician, mechanic, biologist, and weaponsmith.

Jopfer carried an extensive arsenal, including combat gloves, a war hammer, a bowcaster, a Clanghangen cleaver, a sniper rifle, and a grand battle axe, and a lightsaber. He owned equipment for making tattoos, a GV/3 guardian droid, wooden dentures, and some conga droids.

He was the son of Heifer. Jopfer was made sentient by unknown means and searched for his family for years. He finally found them living on a space station. To Jopfer's disgust, they were non-sentient, and spent all their time grazing.


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