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There's a loose back panel on the Nostril of Palpatine! I bet that if we blasted it clear, a single pilot could then fire a torpedo that would go through to the station's power core, triggering a reaction that would destroy the whole ship!
—Joe Esposito

Joe Esposito was a Rebel Alliance pilot who had a knack for knowing virtually anything that was needed at the time.


Born on the planet Coosebane, Joe Esposito joined the Alliance at a young age. While his small size at first seemed like a disadvantage, his apparent flying skill (He readily pointed out that he'd been operating a variety of Swoops and other craft since a young age) made him suddenly useful to the Alliance, who would gladly accept any moderately capable pilot.

Joe found his true calling, however, in 3 ABY with the introduction of the A-Wing Starfighter to the Rebel forces. A high-performance craft, the ship's diminutive frame meant that only the smallest pilots could actually operate it. With his scrawny frame, Joe proved to be perfect for the role, and as such, was assigned to one of the first active squadrons.

Taking part in the Battle of Endor, Joe engaged and destroyed a number of enemy starfighters. Early in the battle, he saved the life of a Hawaiian shirt-wearing Rebel pilot by shooting down the fighter on his tail. After the battle, he and the grateful pilot struck up a firm friendship, the other pilot not only appreciating Joe's mountains of information but also his compliments on his dress sense.

In 9 ABY, the pair of them discovered the Imperial agent R. Jones spying on the Rebel forces. Through careful examination of Jones' appearance and mannerisms, he was able to deduce that the spy was, in fact, a Human Replica Droid, a fact that had slipped by most everyone else. While he and the colorfully-dressed pilot were able to expose the spy, nobody seemed to believe their claims as to Jones' true nature.

During the Attack on the Nostril of Palpatine, Joe's squadron mainly served to intercept and eliminate the squadrons of TIE fighters dispatched from Trowzaar to defend the station. While in the midst of battle, Joe noticed the loose backplate on the station, and gladly informed the rest of the attacking force as to this weakness. With utmost skill, he blasted the panel loose, allowing the badly-dressed pilot to destroy the station.

Joe would remain in the Alliance and New Republic military over the next few decades, serving in a number of conflicts up to, and including the the Yuuzhan Vong War. During the Third Battle of Place, he provided a running commentary on the satiation to Republic intelligence analysts.


From a physical viewpoint, Joe Esposito was none to impressive. Rather short, he was slimly built with scrawny limbs and a shock of scruffy brown hair. Even at the best of times, he tended to look more like an awkward teenager; a look he maintained well into his fifties. His uniforms, however, were impeccably neat at all times.

While not too impressive physically, Joe's true skills lay in his seemingly endless supply of information. As soon as a situation developed, Joe would, almost obsessively, blurt out his own commentary on it as well as anything he knows about what's involved with it. While usually quite useful, at times he seems to obsessively clog up communications channels with his rambling.

Aside from talking a lot, Joe represented the decent kind of a guy that the Alliance's command liked to hold up as heroes of the Rebellion. Friendly, cooperative, brave and loyal, he was always willing to volunteer for a mission or assignment. While not the best pilot in their forces, he was well-liked for his personality and willingness to help out his fellow pilots.


Joe piloted A-Wings for the entirety of his career; his small frame making him an ideal pilot, and he himself preferring the ship's speed and agility. Typically, his ships sported a dirty white base coat with red bands; the actual color varied, however. Normally light red, they also could be coral, maroon, pinkish red, metallic red and, on occasion, shades of blue.

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