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Captain Joe was a Rebel Alliance starship captain with a long record of service, loyalty, dedication and drunkenness.


Joe was born on the planet Fandi-Sank sometime about 60 BBY. Joining the Republic's navy, he eventually became the captain of a Republic light assault cruiser, the Bacchus III. Already an old ship when Joe took command, he none the less became very attached to the vessel.

The ship served during the Clone Wars with Joe as its commander. Despite being considered generally obsolete and outclassed by the Separatist warships, the vessel served well thanks largely to its determined and very drunk commander. Joe was decorated several times for bravery under fire, Republic officials either ignoring or not noticing his drunkenness.

Despite this, Joe was not happy with the direction that the Republic was going. At some point after the end of the Clone Wars, he defected to the fledgling alliance with his ship. Desire the obsolescence of the vessel, the alliance was glad for any ship they could get - especially one commanded by a decorated war hero. Joe's vessel served the alliance in a number of operations, but rarely was directly engaged against the Imperial fleet.

In 2 ABY, Joe's homeworld was attacked by the Wolf Raiders of Balgus Star. Joe and his ship were away from the world at the time on a mission for the Alliance, and were unable to to take part in the defense of the planet. During the raid, both Joe's wife was killed, his daughter badly wounded and died hours later.

A few days later, Joe was approached by the fugitive Wolf Raider, Ken. Despite knowing the man's past and the recent deaths of his wife and daughter, Joe offered Ken a place on his crew. Ken accepted, knowing both that he had no other options, as well that if he crossed Joe, the captain would kill him.

Over the next few years, Joe would battle the Empire, the Wolf Raiders and his own alcoholism from the command seat of his starship. In 7 ABY, he lead an attack on the Wolf Raiders' fortress on Balgus Star. During the attack, the Bacchus III assaulted the Wolf Raiders' forces, destroying a number of their W-Wing Starfighters before they could even launch.

After the battle, Joe retired from active service. As a going-away present, his crew (and a strange, bipedal, turtle-like alien) booked him into Rehab.


Short and pudgy, Joe was instantly recognizable by his small mustache, prominent front teeth and large cheeks. His almost comical appearance belied his incredible strength; when enraged and significantly drunk, Joe could be a powerful force to reckon with.

Joe had two passions; his ship and his drink. He liked to combine the two, and could usually be found drunk at the helm. Despite (or possibly because) of this, he was both a skilled commander and pilot. Joe was very fond of his ship; his first command, he was rather proud of it despite is apparent obsolescence and age. He spent a lot of time tinkering with its systems, trying to improve its performance.

Because of his drinking, he was prone to rather sudden mood changes. Normally a caring and compassionate commander, he could become angry and violent towards any who dared to cross him. He beloved in giving people second chances, but also believed that those who crossed him should be thrashed to within an inch of their life.

Captain Joe always carried a blaster, a thermal detonator and a hip flask. He insisted that his crew did the same.

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