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Jill Baldar
Biographical information

Desevro (claimed)


3 BBY (claimed)

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1.72 meters

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Chronological and political information

New Republic Era - New Jedi Order era



You march in here and demand a position with my organization, and an officer's position no less. You don't have any prior recommendations or even a prior record, yet you claim that you can help us considerably. You have some balls there."
"I'm a woman."
"Then metaphorically you do.

—BD Andrews and Jill Baldar

Jill Baldar was a mercenary pilot and officer in the organization known as the Skulls. In addition to being the commander of their air wing, she was the highest-ranked woman in the organization's history.


In the Tion Hegemony, we're proud to be the galaxy's oldest backwater hellhole
—Jill Baldar

Jill's actual background was a mix of speculation and assumptions. She claimed to have been born on Desevro in 3 BBY, however, few records existed to confirm these claims. While a skilled pilot, she gave no information about where she learned to fly, nor any previous military service.

What was known was that, in 22 ABY she appeared out of seemingly nowhere, approaching the Skulls and requesting a position within the organization. While initially taken aback, their leader, BD Andrews was impressed by her skills and her forthright nature, granting her a position in the organization.

Not too long after she joined the organization, the Skulls began to go through a period of rapid growth. Aside form acquiring their new flagship, the Laughing Skull, their numbers and resources increased, with more pilots and aircraft being added to their ranks. The organization began to attract attention from other groups, with the New Republic sending a pilot to attempt to infiltrate their ranks. Jill assessed him and recognized him for what he was, but since she found him amusing, let him return to the Republic unscathed.

It was this action which lead to the Skulls entering the Yuuzhan Vong War on the Republic's side, even though they were not being paid for it. With Jill in command, the squadron was able to score several victories over the invading forces, aiding the Republic's failing military on numerous occasions.

In the post-war period, Jill was promoted again, becoming the overall second in command of the organization. Despite overseeing the reconstruction and reorganization of the unit, she had not stepped down from regular combat operations. On several occasions, she had suggested that she should have taken over the organization when Andrews retired. He commented that she would only do such "over his dead body."


Jill was of average height for a human female, with fair skin, green eyes and long bright red hair. She was fit and trim with an athletic build, and kept her self in good condition. Her only distinguishing mark was a tattoo on her right shoulder, resembling a stylized, angular skull. Otherwise she was undistinguished, but by no means unattractive. Typically she dressed in form-fitting bodysuits or her flightsuit, usually in dark colors. She was rarely unarmed.

A skilled fighter pilot, Jill was also a capable tactician and planner. Her tactics were rarely set in stone, preferring instead to adapt to situations as they develop rather then being set into a fixed plan of battle. While being the senior flight officer in the Skulls, she preferred to lead from the front and be in the thick of the action. While not reckless, she tended towards being a more aggressive and relentless dogfighter, seeking out challenging opponents.

Aside from her skills as a pilot and commander, Jill was well read. An expert Ximologist, she had written several papers on Tionese weapons and starships. She had an odd sense of humor, and would laugh at the strangest things. While she had the usual Tionese sense of outraged patriotism, it was tempered by her odd sense of humor.

For some reason, she constantly referred to Droids as "robots", an anachronistic and obsolete term.


Jill piloted an E-Wing starfighter; like its pilot, not much was known about the ship's past, but it was presumed to be stolen or otherwise not legally hers. The craft was painted black with alternating bright purple patches across its entire body. As normal for an E-Wing, it was equipped with an R7 astromech droid, R7-B8.

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