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Jigsaw (formerly Jon Kramir) was a Sith by name only. The name Jigsaw and the title of Sith was given to him by a group of Jedi Investigators, who were assigned to track down the psychotic killer. He continued his psychotic Sith trials until his defeat at the hands of Miranda Drim'n in 2,274 BBY. Even after his defeat, there were others who continued to follow his twisted path. Jigsaw left a lasting reminder on the Republic and it's people for years to come, no one is safe from the Dark Side of the Force. His actions were the cause of the formation of the short lived New Jedi Order in 2,273 BBY.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Jon Kramir was born to a family of farmers on the planet of Dantooine. Around the age of four, Jon was found to be Force Sensitive. Unable to produce anymore children however, Jon's Father refused to take him to the Enclave. Jon ended up never using his abilities of the Force until late in his life. Surprisingly, the Jedi Enclave would be attacked during the Outcast's War in 2,304 BBY, so it could be considered that Jon would have been killed during the battle.

Jon Kramir designed and built droids in his later years. He had a pessimistic lifestyle, always believing that he had tomorrow to reach his goals. With this attitude, he was unable to bring himself to marry the love of his life. Even though he hated the way his life was going, he didn't have the will to change.

Suddenly, Jon became ill. He became extremely weak and went to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with Quannot's Syndrome, which helped him face his impending death. He began to realize how valuable life truly was. Becoming more attentive to other people's lives as his diminished, Jon began to see how people wasted their lives away.

At the hospital, he witnessed various people who, as he saw it, were abusing their lives. Among them were a young woman who had overdosed on death sticks, and Paul, one of Jon's coworkers, who had a wife and kids, had attempted suicide but cutting his wrists.

Utterly depressed at life, Jon attempted suicide by driving his speeder off a cliff. Jon survived the crash however, clinging to his last strands of life. It was then he discovered how when he was at the end of his life, he really began to value it. As Jon observed other people's lives, and how they wasted them, lives he wished he could have, Jon took up his mission to make people realize how precious life truly is, one person at a time.

Jigsaw Edit

Live or die. Make your choice.

Jon spent the next few months training in the Sith arts, learning simple ways to bind the Force to his will. At his age, this took a lot out of his already dying body. With it however, he was able to keep the disease from spreading. He also observed and planned meticulously for his "apprentices", as he began to call them, and painstakingly creating devices to test their desire to live, often through ironic means. Paul, for example, had slashed his wrists, was forced to crawl through a maze of vibroblades in order to survive.

Placing his recruits in lethal traps, each victim was left a chilling message explaining the reason they had been selected to be his apprentice, and what trials they had to overcome to become it. Each was conveyed either through holodisks or by Jigsaw's robot servant, B1-7Y. They often involved quick thinking, morally difficult decisions and often self-mutilation that Jigsaw would often be present to view, unknown to the victim.

As his victims increased, Jedi authorities coined the nickname "Darth Jigsaw" - or simply, "Jigsaw" - because of the jigsaw-shaped piece of flesh that he would cut from an unsuccessful recruit. As Jon would later explain to Rik Mates however, the piece was not intended to be used as a signature but simply to represent that the victim "was missing a vital piece of the human puzzle; the survival instinct". Though the Republic and the Jedi intensity continued to increase as more and more victims were found in his incredible and brutal devices, Jigsaw continued to carry on his mission undaunted.

Adnama Edit

He freed me.
—Adnama talking about Jigsaw's trial to Jedi Investigators

Adnama was a death stick junkie who lived in the slums of Coruscant. She used the drug to leave her abusive past. One night, she awoke to find herself strapped to a chair with a bizarre device contained in her mouth. That's when a holodisk activated next to her, informing her that she had been selected to be Jigsaw's apprentice. All she had to do was kill the man in the room before the device attached to her mouth would open, breaking her jaw. Wanting to live, Adnama escaped from the straps holding her to the chair and killed the man lying on the floor before her. With his death, the device deactivated, allowing her to remove it. It was then that B1-7Y approached her, congratulating her on surviving the trial. He then provided her with the key out, to which she escaped, being picked up by Coruscant police. She was questioned by Jedi Investigators, to which she told what she had to do, ending the conversation with saying how he saved her.

She was later confronted by Jigsaw himself, reminding her that she was his apprentice. She pledged her allegiance to him and served as his apprentice.

Downfall Edit

Miranda: “You're nothing but a monster, nothing like my father was.
Jigsaw: “I am more than your father ever could have been! I have been able to cheat death for years. LOOK AT ME!!!! For it shall be the last thing you ever look at again!
―Jigsaw, ready to duel Miranda

In 2,274 BBY, Miranda Drim'n was following the disappearance of Rik, and by using the Force, was able to find his location. She traveled to Dantooine, where Jigsaw had taken refuge in his old home, which had been abandoned for years. By the time she reached him however, Rik had already died in Jigsaw's trial. Enraged, she followed his trail until the two came face to face. Jigsaw was armed with twin hand blades. She commented on his ruthlessness to people, stating why she had to kill him. He turned the battle into a trial: When she struck him down, the apprentice would become the master. Miranda, thinking he was talking about her, dueled him anyway, stating the Force would guide her. She struck him down, never faltering in her cause.

Personality and Traits Edit

Game over.
—Jigsaw, informing a victim that they have failed

Jon was a pessimist always believing that he had tomorrow to reach his goals. When he was diagnosed with Quannot's Syndrome, he became depressed at how his life was going to end, and jealous for the way people treated their lives. After his attempted suicide, Jon believed himself to be a savior of lives, allowing people the choice to live or die, which he believed was the greatest choice someone had. He had only one success in his trials, Adnama, who went on to continue his ideals. When his ideals were published by her, more and more people saw him as a savior than as a killer, as he had believed. This scared the Jedi, believing that people were inherently evil. This belief helped lead to the Jedi hiding themselves from the public eye for some time, also leading to Miranda Drim'n to form the New Jedi Order.