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The Jedi Council was the legislative branch of the Jedi Autocracy.

Based at the New Jedi Temple on Ossus, the Jedi Council was made up almost entirely of Jedi Over-Masters, the "rulers" of each of the Jedi Autocracy's member worlds, as well as the heads of the Navy and Army.

Headed up by the Grand Jedi Master, the Council served a dual purpose; it showed the peoples of the Autocracy, and of the Decreton Empire, that the Jedi were ruling over their people in a fair and democratic fashion, but in reality, the Counil was superficial to the powers weilded by the Grand Master.

However, the Counil was still an important government institution, and was responsible for nominating the next Grand Jedi Master should an heir not be left by the previous; although this rarely happened.

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