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Jason Daliihe was a Human politician from Coruscant who was appointed Grand Vizier by Emperor Praxeum for the Galactic Empire. He was killed during the attack on Dol Glorath on 75 ABY during the Chiss War.


Early LifeEdit

Jason Dahiile was born to a wealthy family on Coruscant during the Swarm War. Even with the conflicts happening all over the galaxy during that time, Jason thrived at his favorite subject, politics. His parents sent him to the best politician academy on Coruscant where he learned all about the politics of the galaxy. As the years went by, Jason became a successful politician and at the age of 16, he became the aide for the Senator of Corellia years after the peace between Corellia and the New Republic had been forged. Jason decided to move to Bastion where he learned more of politics and learned of the negotiations between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. He remained there for many years until the Sith/Remnant Crisis where the Sith invaded Bastion and took control of the planet. Jason was almost killed until he promised to serve Darth Tarna's Empire.

In the EmpireEdit

When the Empire was constructed, Jason's duty was to maintain contact with all the worlds obtained from the Imperial Remnant and keep negotiating with the conquered worlds on the Outer Rim. During both Tarna's and Emperor Dracule's reigns, Jason saw little to do because of their Sith supremacy ideals. It wasn't until Darth Praxeum became Emperor, that Jason got to prove to the galaxy his true worth.

Grand VizierEdit

When Praxeum ascended to the position of Emperor, he came up with the idea of the position of Grand Vizier to give the Imperials a big opportunity to further participate in Imperial affairs. Praxeum chose Jason to take the position of Grand Vizier and help build the Empire. Jason accepted and went right to work. He passed many laws and did much of the paperwork needed. He did a good job as Grand Vizier. He was trusted by Prxeum to even know secrets that only Sith knew. During the Chiss War Jason advised Praxeum on planetary control and the relationship between the citizens and the government. His death would come when the New Republic would launch their attack on Dol Glorath. Jason was killed by a stray grenade as he tried to escape the battle and head towards his transporter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jason Daliihe was said to be an old human by appearance and had the wrinkles and gray hair from either age or stress.



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