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Jamboree Cruise Lines was a civilian company that owned luxury liners such as the Star Queen-class cruisers. It was known for extravagant cruise ships and tended to use automated crews to cut expenses, even though this could sometimes lead to problems.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the company was nationalized by the Empire in order to supplement funding for projects such as the Dark Troopers, the Death Star II, and the ongoing production of Executor-class Star Dreadnaughts. Its C.E.O., Ital Woric, disliked the Empire's taking over of the company and held a secret meeting with Mon Mothma to cut a deal providing the Rebel Alliance with the valuable Star Queens. Mon Mothma refused the offer due to a lack of manpower and the fact that the Star Queens were civilian ships and large targets, but on a followup meeting with General Morgan, it was learned that they could be easily modified to sport shield generators and heavy armament with only a small crew to supervise the automated works. Convinced of their value, Morgan led a task force including Ace Squadron to the shipyards. The mission failed to secure the amount of Star Queens originally offered, and the ones that weren't captured were destroyed when Ital Woric activated their hidden self-destruct mechanisms, which crippled the Imperial reinforcements.

Shortly after, Jamboree went bankrupt due to the loss of so many of their prized ships and their former C.E.O. The Empire dismantled the company and used the remaining assets to increase production at Kuat Drive Yards.


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