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Jambe Lu was a female Aruzan, Jedi agriculturalist. She and fellow Jedi agriculturalist Nam Poorf were defending a Weequay freighter, when an Imperial Interdictor prevented them from jumping to hyperspace. They sent a distress signal.

The signal was received on the planet Kamino. The clone Commander, Alpha, sent word to the rogue Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi, Abigaile Jade, and Asajj Ventress. They organized a battlefleet to investigate the source of the distress call.

They arrived just in time to prevent the ship's destruction and destroyed the Interdictor. The two Jedi then served as trainers for the padawans that Nathan and Asajj had discovered. Jambe protected the younglings and was horrified when Nam died.

When her friend Olee Starstone and the crew of the Drunk Dancer, came to the new planet/colony Novus Kamino Prime. She joined up with them and said her goodbyes to the colony.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jambe Lu was actually a male Human. This was part of my getting more species, than just humans and Twi'leks into Star Wars thing.