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Jal'kai Kareel was a Force-sensitive male miralukan Jedi Master who served the Galactic Republic as a member of the Tythonian Enclave during the aftermath of the Great Galactic War, as well as the Cold War which followed. Born on Alderaan to House Kareel during the pinnacle of the Great Galactic War, he was the offspring of the renowned Jedi Knight Treliana Kareel and the Mandalorian warrior Dreviss Cadera. Jal'kai was also the only living cousin of the 2nd Siege Battalion's Lieutenant Akaan, through his mother's side of the family.

As a boy, Jal'kai grew up in a moderately wealthy villa in Alderaan's House Kareel, located not so far from the territory in which House Thul resided. An old ally of House Organa, House Kareel stood as a beacon of bravery for many of the native Alderaanians, being much more humble than their wealthy counterparts. It was at the pinnacle of the House's power that the Great Galactic War broke out across the known galaxy. His mother led the elite soldiers of the 2nd Siege Battalion against the the forces of Darth Malgus during the Battle of Alderaan with much success. However, his family would meet its end at the hands of a sith apprentice named Crimsonis during his campaign across Alderaan, resulting in the genocide of House Kareel.

He fled his home, living in exile for nearly ten years since the loss of his home and family with the scars to prove it. He carried his mother's saber with him, and took up work wherever he could find it, keeping his Jedi heritage and knowledge of the Force hidden. It wasn't until he was an adult that he came across a particular sect of Jedi during a trip to Tython. Within days, he had been accepted graciously by the Headmaster of the Tythonian Enclave, Jedi Master Taoré Timarick. As an Initiate of the new Order, Jal'kai trained in the ways of the Jedi in order to honor his mother's legacy.

Before long, Jal'kai was made the new padawan of the grizzled and wise Jedi Master Bosheth Bright, the father of the very Sith Lord the Tythonian Enclave had become entangled with. Under his guidance, Jal'kai became not only a very obediant padawan, but looked up to Bosheth as his father. The two became quite a pair, and as the months progressed Jal'kai became a very competent Jedi, even building his first lightsaber during a Trial on Ilum. As the Crisis of Darth Kayven reached a pinnacle, Jal'kai and his master were called to combat the Sith on various fronts throughout the galaxy.

Countless battles waged, and Jal'kai became a war hero of the Republic. He was a prolific and skilled combatant of the Juyo form, something many of his Jedi counterparts voiced against using. As the conflict accumulated to a pinnacle, Jal'kai finally undertook his Jedi Trials, passing each one with great speed and accuracy to become a Jedi Knight.

Now leading his peers into battle, the newly christened Jedi Knight Jal'kai undertook a task he had not thought himself ready for; teaching the newly joined Jedi Initiate Nyrias Vendera. However, even after the Tythonian Enclave defeated Darth Kayven, Nyrias' Sith father would poke out from the shadows, even going as far to duel Jal'kai on Yavin IV and send one of his Council Members to confront the two on Tatooine and Hoth. Nyrias was taken by her Sith captors during the later confrontation, and Jal'kai was defeated and left to freeze in the wastes of the icy-world.

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