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I renounce the need to know, now, what I will become later. In looking to my future, I have ignored the present and my role in it. The present is too critical for me to do that anymore.
—Jacen Solo[src]

Jacen Solo, later known as Lord Caedus, is the eldest son of Han and Leia Organa Solo, twin brother to Jaina Solo, and older brother of Anakin Solo. He spent much of his youth training alongside his sister, receiving lessons from their uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, at the praxeum on Yavin 4. There, he developed his skills as a Jedi Consular, seeking to use the Force for the benefit of others and striving to better understand its mysterious nature.

With the outbreak of war against the Yuuzhan Vong, Jacen became more concerned about the aggression of the Jedi mandate than the actual invaders, though he was disabused of such concerns after his capture by the enemy during a Jedi strike at Myrkyr. There, he found a companion and enigmatic mentor in the form of Vergere, a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who helped him realize his true potential while his understanding of the Yuuzhan Vong grew. Using his natural empathy, Jacen was able to link himself to the dhuryam that governed the reshaping of Coruscant and sabotage the master plan of the alien invaders before making his escape back to the New Republic.

Jacen became a great hero of the war, helping the Jedi and the New Republic drive back the Yuuzhan Vong offensive and retake Coruscant. After the war, he committed himself to strengthening the Jedi Order from within, improving its curriculum and establishing a series of safe houses and hidden temples throughout the galaxy in the event of another Purge. Jacen also went on to deepen his relationship with Tenel Ka Djo and father a child with her, whom they named Allana.

However, Jacen fell prey to the influence of the Sith Lady Lumiya, who attempted to turn him against his family and engineer the collapse of the New Republic in favor of an Imperial resurgence. For a time, her machinations were working and Jacen came to believe his own reputation as the savior of the galaxy, while alienating his family and friends. Yet it was through the love of his sister Jaina and concern for his daughter Allana's well-being that Jacen was able to renounce such a twisted path and


The Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

I tell you this: though neither he nor they yet know it, he is the greatest of all the Jedi. Jacen Solo is the living Jedi dream. Even without the Force, he is more dangerous than you can possibly imagine.

Jacen as a captive of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Jacen Solo's strength was rooted in his sensitivity to living things--an intuition regarding the needs and behaviors of nearly all sentient and non-sentient beings, which manifested itself in his Jedi abilities as a kind of Force-heightened empathy. It was this empathy which was critical to his survival in Yuuzhan Vong captivity, allowing him to find a connection with the dhuryam and become skilled with Yuuzhan Vong biotech. Jacen's actions on the seedship permitted several hundred slaves to survive and eke out a new life in the ruins of Coruscant, not to mention it established him as a strong ally to the dhuryam selected to be the World Brain, which went on to regulate life on Coruscant.

Following his escape with Vergere, Jacen came to realize that his greatest weakness was to withdraw into introspection at the expense of others' needs, and that much of his talent had been wasted trying to find an answer while the survival of the galaxy was at stake. The example of his withdrawal from the Force and the war at the risk of his mother's life on Duro made that all too clear. Thus, Jacen chose to embrace his empathy for the victims of the war and resolved to do his part in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong as a proper Jedi.

Jacen became an important figure to the Jeedai heretics among the Shamed Ones, known as "the Redeemer," a variant of Yun-Shuno who might help the Yuuzhan Vong find their way back to the truth. In a way, Jacen was able to fulfill his role in their mythology. He helped rediscover the living world Zonama Sekot, recognized the genetic link between Sekot and the Yuuzhan Vong, and brought down the Yuuzhan Vong Empire in a Force duel with Onimi, who had manipulated the Supreme Overlord and the war all along.

Following the war, Jacen became invaluable in helping the New Republic regain control of Coruscant through his link with the World-Brain, showing the reconstruction teams how it would coordinate Yuuzhan Vong life to be compatible with their technology and artificial building materials. He went on to rescue a girl, Seha Dorvald, from the poverty of the Underworld and brought her to the praxeum on Ossus to be trained as a Jedi.

The Shield of the JediEdit

I name you the Shield of the Jedi, a bastion of peace and justice to friend and foe alike. You shall be quick to defend and slow to attack, taking blows but dealing none in return. No answers will you find for yourself, yet you will be an answer for those who question the certainty of the light and the promise of redemption.
—Luke Skywalker

Securing the Jedi LegacyEdit

On Dac, Jacen had attended a public ceremony where he, his sister, and all the other survivors of the Myrkyr raid were invested as full Jedi Knights. At that ceremony, both Jacen and Jaina received from their uncle a Force-induced prophecy about their future paths and an epithet to describe the roles they would lead in the future Jedi Order. Jaina became known henceforth as "the Sword of the Jedi," while Jacen became "the Shield of the Jedi."

Once Jaina found her balance as both a Jedi and a fighter pilot after the war, Jacen took thought about his own role in the post-war reconstruction efforts of the galaxy and the Order. He approached his Uncle Luke with the proposal of establishing a series of safe houses and other hidden sanctuaries for the Jedi to use in the event of another Purge, which the Yuuzhan Vong had nearly brought about. Luke permitted him to do so, and Jacen gathered together a cadre of fellow Jedi into an organization known as Daybreak--named thus to mirror his sister's all-Jedi commando unit, Darkmeld.

Daybreak founded its first refuge and main base on Shedu Maad, a minor planet in the Transitory Mists that encircled the Hapes Consortium. It was here that Jacen was able to further advance the training and confidence of his apprentice Seha, whose Force-guided navigation would prove useful in locating future Jedi havens.

A More Personal LegacyEdit

While Daybreak was orienting itself on Shedu Maad, Jacen paid a series of personal visits to Tenel Ka Djo, Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium and a former classmate from the Jedi Academy. During those visits, their brief romance rekindled into a deeper passion, and within a few months, Tenel Ka discovered she was carrying Jacen's child. With the utmost secrecy, she gave birth to a daughter, Allana.

The newfound parents feared for their child, despite the joy her birth gave them. In order to protect Allana from the vicious politics of the Hapan royal court and the equally strong anti-Jedi sentiment of the Hapan culture, Jacen took Allana to Coruscant, where she would be trained by her grandmother Leia and her aunt Jaina in the ways of the Jedi. He also spent time with her as both a father figure and mentor, helping her appreciate the nuances of her Force Empathy.

Straying From The LightEdit

The Emperor would have succeeded with a Skywalker at his side, had not Anakin's offspring managed to survive. I will not make the same mistake with Jacen Solo.

Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith

During the course of his travels, however, Jacen would discover that Lumiya, a self-proclaimed "Dark Lady of the Sith" was still alive and plotting against the Skywalker family. She had capitalized on the chaos of the recent war to lay new foundations for her anti-Republic movement and was seeking out a suitable Jedi to be her new apprentice. Jacen, however, was determined to contain this old threat and reported her existence back to the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

What Jacen failed to realize was that Lumiya had arranged for her capture at his hands. When she was transferred to a Force-neutral containment facility in the Underlevels of Coruscant, Jacen found himself drawn to her presence, although he came under the pretext that he was conducting an interrogation at the Council's request. But his conversations with Lumiya began to warp his perceptions and even his own memories, casting mentor figures like his Uncle Luke and the Jedi exile Vergere into darker, more sinister roles.

Lumiya began to feed Jacen's ego, using his natural empathy against him. She was soon able to turn him into a more militant Jedi Knight, leading Jacen to the conclusion that he had to be proactive about the instability that still permeated the galaxy. He quickly usurped command of Darkmeld from his sister Jaina and began to bond himself to his new squad with his Force Empathy, although in doing so, he turned away such old friends as Lowbacca and Kyp Durron. Yet the damage was done, and Jacen was able to corrupt his fellow Jedi on Lumiya's behalf, and together they wrought a great deal of havoc throughout the Outer Rim.

Lord CaedusEdit


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I'm done asking questions. Tell me everything you know--right now."
I said no. What are you going to do about it?"
Then I will do to you what I did to the Yuuzhan Vong when they took my brother's life.

—Jacen Solo and a stubborn NRI agent

As the new commander of Darkmeld, Jacen gained not only the prestige of being a successful deterrent against Outer Rim pirates, but also an elite unit of Jedi, all whom were now linked to him through a Force bond and therefore easier to coordinate in battle. Other Jedi like Saba Sebatyne attempted to break into their battle meld and rein in these errant Knights, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Lumiya continued to work her influence over Jacen, even while being held in a Force-neutralizing containment cell across the galaxy. She encouraged him to be everything that a Skywalker ought to be: a man of strength and integrity, fighting wrongs and punishing those who threatened the fragile peace of the galaxy. Jacen accepted her teachings, grateful to have something more secure, although he soon discovered that he could recall less of his training from his days at the praxeum or the wisdom he had received from Vergere.

After a number of successes--and a formal censure from the Jedi Council--Jacen began to seek out more allies and followers. He believed that he could build Darkmeld into a legitimate organization, possibly as a "inglorious" counterpart to the more cautious Jedi Order. During his visits to Lumiya in the Underlevels of Coruscant, Jacen came across an orphan named Seha Dorvald who was strong in the Force. Jacen took her as his new apprentice, bringing her into the Temple as a candidate for training, while slowly twisting her perspective toward his own. In time, Seha began to believe the same principles as Jacen, that the galaxy needed strong and silent guardians like the Jedi of Darkmeld.

Upon his defeat of the RedStar pirates, Jacen returned to Lumiya, who gave him the new name and title of "Lord Caedus."

It is a name of power. A new name for your new path. Your path is not the one your uncle followed, but it is the only one to take in these troubled times. Act well, Lord Caedus, and victory will be in your grasp. You will bring peace as no Jedi as ever done before.
—Lumiya to Jacen upon his renaming

Soon thereafter, Jacen facilitated Lumiya's escape from her imprisonment. Convinced that his Force Empathy was still under his control, Jacen believed that he had brought the formidable Lumiya under his control and tasked her with carrying out his will as Lord Caedus. She agreed to be his executor, removing all obstacles that Darkmeld could not handle. And so Jacen returned to his allies in Darkmeld, charging them to refer to him as "Caedus" and giving them their new motto: "We will ruin those who deny justice."

An Outstretched HandEdit


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It's down to this, Jacen. You can either be her father or run around as the new Savior of the Galaxy, but you can't do both. Mom and Dad understood that. I hope for Allana's sake that you will, too.
—Jaina to Jacen, during a confrontation on Hapes

Personality and TraitsEdit


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Jacen, you may have noticed, has a certain gift for making friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The only power I have--the only power any of us have--is to be who we are. That's what I'm going to do here. Be who I am.
—Jacen Solo[src]

As a descendant of the Skywalker lineage, Jacen was gifted with an exceptional amount of Force potential. He shared a natural telepathic and empathic bond with his twin sister Jaina from birth and learned how to refine it to better coordinate their actions, such as during combat.

Along with such traditional powers as telekinesis and precognition, Jacen's main talent lay in Force Empathy. He developed this skill during his childhood, bonding and communicating with a variety of different species, both sentient and non-sentient. Later, as a prisoner-of-war among the Yuuzhan Vong, Jacen was able to refine his empathy to bond with Yuuzhan Vong creatures and even befriend the World-Brain of the newly-terraformed Coruscant. This talent further proved useful in Jacen's post-war role as an ambassador and a mentor to younger Jedi. However, the Sith Lady Lumiya attempted to teach Jacen how to use such a power to more easily persuade others to his line of thinking, making it more subtle and dangerous than the traditional Jedi mind trick.

Being sensitive to living creatures, Jacen was an excellent field medic, having both some skill in Force Healing and in conventional medicine. Such skills were put to the test during his captivity on the Yuuzhan Vong seedship and again during the remainder of the war.

Much like his Uncle Luke and his grandfather Anakin, Jacen also proved to be a skilled lightsaber duelist. His preferred form was Djem So, into which he incorporated elements of Shii-Cho, Soresu, and Niman.


Apart from a brief infatuation with ExGal scientist Danni Quee, Jacen's romantic interest has long been fellow Jedi Knight and Hapan princess Tenel Ka Djo. However, their romance did not fully kindle until after the Yuuzhan Vong War.

After a few covert visits to Hapes, Jacen learned that Tenel Ka was pregnant and understood the perilous position of their child's future if Jacen were discovered to be the father. To that end, Tenel Ka surrendered custody of their daughter, Allana, after her birth. Jacen took the girl to Coruscant to be raised with his own family and eventually receive training as a Jedi.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jacen’s post-Traitor characterization is based on another creation of Matthew Woodring Stover—Deliann, the Earth-born primal mage from the Acts of Caine series, whose gifts at empathy and pulling Flow allow him to become a major figure in the fight to save Overworld. Jacen is another character whose empathy matches the kind used by Deliann, and like the primal mage, the young Jedi also struggles to do the right thing, even though it may have disastrous consequences (e.g., Deliann tries to stop the outbreak of HRVP, only to end up spreading it further, and Jacen tries to stop the release of the Alpha Red pathogen, though lacking the military authority to do so and inadvertently exposing Zonama Sekot to it).

While Deliann uses his empathy to rally the peoples of Overworld in defense of Home against the Blind God, Jacen here uses the same ability to challenge the fanaticism of the Yuuzhan Vong, who were manipulated by Supreme Overlord Shimrra, who is himself the puppet of Onimi, and both of whom could be viewed as “blind gods” of a sort. In later years, he mirrors Deliann as a leader; while Deliann becomes the Ankhanan Emperor with the blessing of the new god Ma’elkoth, Jacen becomes the founder and guardian of all Jedi refuges with his Uncle Luke’s favor.

He also carries a few marks of character similar to those in Stover’s protagonist Caine (from the same series as Deliann). Whereas Caine is struggling to rediscover his strength and sense of purpose in life, Jacen struggles to break through to the deeper meaning of serving the Force and being a Jedi. Jacen also follows Caine later on in his commitment to a young girl—first to his apprentice Seha and later to his own daughter, Allana.

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