Ingzan Blood Eagle


Average wingspan

8 feet

Feather color
  • Brown (juvenile)
  • Crimson (male)
  • Bright red (female)

One of two national birds of the Ingza

Is that nice, my darling? Youve got such lovely silky feathers now! Your so soft and almost cuddly!
—Kysa Zerego speaking to Hekíana, her Blood Eagle, whilst stroking her feathers

The Ingzan Blood Eagle (Íngzan Blúd Éagle) was an eagle which originated from the planet Ingza Prime, the eagle was carnivour and had red feathers, hence the name. Male Blood Eagles had crimson feathers whilst females had bright blood red feathers, juveniles (under 2 years old) had brown feathers. This was one of two (the other was the Ingzan King Eagle) national birds of the Ingza.

Males had a row of spines running down their back, females lacked these, this was a way of telling the two apart, though feather colour was the normal way of telling the two genders apart.

They were loyal creatures, loyal to their handlers and owners and largely friendly to the Ingza, tolerating their presence, they could be kept as pets, though this was only usually done by the upper-classes since Eagles were rather expensive to keep, upper-class Kysa Zerego owned one called Hekíána, named after her cousin. However if their nest was threatened they would attack.

They could be dangerous, since they had big teeth and claws and could give a nasty bite or scratch when annoyed or defending their nest, care had to be taken as not to annoy or frighten them.

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