Fire the Destructors!
—An Ingzan Royal Army Artillery Corps Artillery Battery commander giving the order to fire HAC-44s

The Ingzan Armouries HAC-44 "Destructor" Heavy Artillery Cannon was an Ingzan self-propelled artillery gun used by the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire during the N'Akkiarlian-Bregaro war and the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War and captured ones were operated by the N'Akkiarlian Ingza system Occupation Army, it was a walker which was usually operated by a crew of 3, one operator who drove, aimed and fired the cannon and two loaders who helped load the rather heavy shells.

This gun was one of the heaviest Ingzan artillery pieces fielded, the only guns that was the larger than the HAC-44 were the HAC-191 and the "UHAC guns" like the UHAC-3 Obliterator Ultra-Heavy Artillery Cannon.

These guns were primarily used by the Royal Ingzan Army's Artillery Corps, but one was used by the V'ei'ka's Elite Guard and they were modified by the Navy to be used on their surface ships, like as cruiser turrets, removing their legs and fixing the "body" onto movable turret mountings. Also quite a few simply had their guns taken out of their "bodies" so they could be used be used as secondary mountings on the Navy's surface battleships and carriers.

Following the defeat of the Ingza and Bregaro, surving HAC-44s were used by the N'Akkiarlian Star Empire, the cannon was well liked by the N'Akkiarlians.

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