Oh wow, the new BASR-89 rifle! You sniper boys are really lucky, I really would like to transfer to Sharpshooter Division to get my hands on one of these babies!
—An Ingzan soldier to Ingzan snipers upon seeing the new BASR-89 rifle

The Ingzan Armouries BASR-89 bolt-action sniper rifle, commonly nicknamed Basser Eight-Nine, was a bolt-action sniper rifle of the Ingza. It was essentially a BAR-87 bolt-action rifle with its iron sights removed and a scope attached to it. The BASR-89 was, like the BAR-87, highly accurate, reliable and deadly.

Ingzan infantrymen who were well known to love their BAR-87 rifles wanted to join the Sharpshooter Division just to get their hands on it. The rifle was used by snipers of both the Ingza and their Bregaran allies in the N'Akkiarlian-Bregaro war and the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War. Some of these rifles were also used by N'Akkiarlian snipers.

King Ingza XXI owned a custom-made BASR-89. The unique rifle had a golden barrel, scope and bolt and a pearl forearm .

Sniper! Get down!
—a typical N'Akkiarlian response to encountering an Ingzan sharpshooter

They were also found in the hands of some N'Akkiarlian snipers during the wars, who favored them to their own sniper rifles. Afterwards, captured rifles entered service with the N'Akkiarlian Army's Sniping Corps as well as occupation armies.

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