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Imperius was the flagship of Darth Keizer. It was first given to him by Darth Sinity, shortly after the Great Sith Battle of Corellia. It was the first ship to be produced for the Great Empire of the Sith by the CEC. Because of Darth Keizer's lack of military genius, Imperius was never granted its own fleet; rather, it was part of the Minotaur Fleet, under the command of Manticore. Darth Keizer chose a smaller, Pantheon-class Corvette as his flagship, because he would often take missions from his master that required a degree of subtlety, so he did not want to attract to much attention to himself. Imperius participated in many battles with the GES. Its fate was never determined, as during the Last Battle of the Sith, it was undergoing repairs at the CEC shipyards, and therefore forgotten by the GES when it was dissolved.

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