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Imperial Rangers
Organizational information
Title of leader

White Sentai


Galactic Space



Official language(s)




Historical information
Date of founding

5,000 BBY

Planet of founding



Stalvin and Brarry Tomaz

Date of collapse(s)

3,500 BBY

Other information

Sith Era

The Imperial Rangers were a group that started on Naboo and only did local deeds. After adapting to Hyperspace travel they went to all sectors of the Galaxy to Bring Justice. It started when two brothers named Stalvin and Brarry Tomaze had an idea to find a Force to help democracy and freedom. After recruiting only four more people they fought and were then knighted by the Queen of the Naboo. Even after their deaths the Rangers continued to bring justice to the Galaxy.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

During the early days of the order, the creators Stalvin and Brarry Tomaze were the highest in command from the army. They felt that better things would come. They then formed a group called the Sentai and had many members join, they were mostly rookies and high ranking seargants.


Stalvin and Brarry Tomaze during the early years.

During the first year alone, they had over 1000 members and counting. Stalvin thought that there were to many members so he started to cut some of the recruits and many rookies. Brarry felt that it was not right to cut so many of the members, he then started bringing some back in the ranks without telling Stalvin and giving them high ranks. One day, still unnoticing the large amount of people Stalvin came in a Crimson suit and said that who was to join his ranks step forward and followers of Brarry step back. He said that those were now none of the members of the sentai and they were exiled. Being shocked, they exited and started to make meetings near the capital. They then called themselves the Imperial Rangers, and declared war on the Sentai. Therefore, the civil war began.

Civil War Edit

Therefore, a Civil War began. And all of the Members of the Sentai and the Imperial Rangers fought a fight that still hurts us today.
—Retired Imperial Ranger telling story to Grandson.

Stalvin leading his soldiers to battle.

The First battles were small and short, for that there not many fighting. The First big battle took place near the base of the Sentai. With a first victory, Stalvin was ready to attack the rangers at the core. They invaded the city of Theed where the Rangers got alot of their resources. The battle went into the city.

Kir kanos cover1 real

Brarry Tomaze about to duel Stalvin.

As the area was in flames, Brarry and Stalvin met while Stalvin was trying to take over the capital and Brarry was defending the queen. Brarry attacked with a jump and the two dueled as the queen was watching in fear. With strike after strike, Stalvin was getting the upper hand, but then with a last bit of adrenaline, Brarry struck down Stalvin with a fatal blow. But Stalvin wasn't finished, he struck Brarry with his dagger, making a wound in his lung. With death calling, Stalvin and Brarry layed side by side and they had peace. The War was over in a DRAW. After hearing the death of the two leaders, the war stopped. They reformed the order, and chose a new leader. His Name was The White Sentai and took leadership of the new Imperial Rangers.

Memorial Edit

As I lay here, I will stand with Might.
—Engraving on the Sword Of Might
As I lay here, I will fight with Honor.
—Engraving on the Sword Of Honor

With the Creators of the Order dead, The White Sentai made a memorial in their honor, which had two Dual-Bladed Swords each had a engraving on the blade. They then had a stone statue of each at the entrance of the Academy, both carrying their swords and full armor (except wearing helmets). Many things were added throughtout the years, including the statues being painted. Everyone put their name to References. And, in the Archives was a statue of the two dueling with the two swords. As for many years, everything was plain.

Adaptation to Hyperspace Travel / Splitting Edit

When Hyperspace Travel came to us, everything changed.
—Retired Ranger telling story to Grandson

The White Sentai, who had been knighted by the Queen of Naboo was givin the gift of Hyperspace Travel. They Were granted with eight destroyers, One Mother Ship, and hundreds of fighters that each were pronounced the fastest in The Galaxy. The White Sentai announced that new things shall come. They were new armor, weapons, and a new training base. They put the new training base on a planet of barren and desert. It was to have the Rookies adapt to any climate, for that the planet had many seasons. Two years later, word came that the White Sentai was on a planet near the training base, where he was murderded by a former member of the Oringinal Sentai and another Conflict broke out. They split the Imperial Rangers into two groups. One was the Group of the Ultimate, while the other was the Order of Evanescen. They Have made a promise that one will bring back the order and bring peace to the order.

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