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The Imperial Heavy Missile Platform or (IHMP), was the successor to the Separatist HMP. It was one of the many Separatist vehicles taken by the Galactic Empire, along with the IAAT and the Dwarf spider droid.


Originally manufactured by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance, the IHMP was modified by both Rothana Heavy Engineering and Arakyd Industries. It still bore the same characteristics as the original HMP. Unlike the original HMP, the Empire added the ability to change weaponry for certain missions. The Empire can take out turrets and then turn it into a cargo transport. The former insignias of Ado Eemon were taken out and replaced with the insignia of the Galactic Empire. It was also outfitted with the engines from an Republic Gunship left from the Clone Wars.


As with many Confederacy vehicles at the end of the Clone Wars, the HMP fell into the hands of the Empire. Unlike most of the Confederacy vehicles taken, this vehicle wasn't used as much as the other droid vehicles. This was due to the use of the Imperial Gunships that were former Republic Gunships. Although this was the case, the Empire still used it in atmospheric battles on Kashyyyk and even at the sieges of Tatooine, Yavin 4, and Bespin.

After the Battle of Endor and the formation of the Imperial Remnant, the IHMP would be used more frequently. During the attack on Mon Calamari, the Imperial Heavy Missile Platforms were seen with Droid TIE Fighters leading raids on the Mon Calamari buildings. During this battle, World Devestators were able to produce IHMPs and launch them out and attack enemies. After this battle, the IHMP and Droid TIE Fighters were scrapped and never used again.

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