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The Imperial Hall of Fame was a building and museum on Bastion that erected statues in honor of Imperial citizens and heroes.


The Hall of Fame was first constructed in 5 BBY on Imperial Center and was under manage by associates of Wilhuff Tarkin. During the years in which the Empire had fallen, the annual ceremonies had been indefinitely postponed. Only after the formation of the Imperial Remnant and the museum's relocation to Bastion did the Hall of Fame once again begin recognizing Imperial figures. The Hall of Fame also postponed awards during the Yuuzhan Vong War. By 48 ABY, it contained over 150 statues and memoriums, including Tarkin himself, Palpatine, Darth Vader, Maximilian Veers, Soontir Fel, Natasi Daala, Mitth'raw'nuruodo, and Armand Isard.

Decisions on who would be selected for each year came under scrutiny if they involved female or alien candidates that were of Imperial honor, usually due to older members of the Empire that refused to recognize them as officers or commanders while in the line of duty itself. However, many later votes were cast by newer Imperial citizens living in the Remnant, to which these factors did not matter. In addition, an attempt to have Ysanne Isard named in 35 ABY failed due to the number of atrocities that she committed in the name of the Empire. Many felt that killing millions of innocents, even those that were loyal Imperials, was not just to award her posthumously.

In 38 ABY, Aurelius Tempest was the newest addition to the Hall of Fame, albeit he was not able to attend it after his family was kidnapped and killed. Kober Stehhp was to give the honor to Tempest that day. Rather it was delayed by ten years until after Tempest's death, in which he was re-awarded posthumously. The Hall of Fame continued to award Imperial individuals up to at least 137 ABY during the Fel dynasty.

Awards by yearEdit

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