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The IV-34 ballistic torpedo was designed for use aboard the Majesty-class Battlecruisers.

Technical aspects Edit

The torpedo had an average acceleration rate of 116m/s per second. Its solid fueled chemical engine would burn for just over a hundred seconds, making the torpedoes top speed above 13km/s. The resulting impact energy was over 1.1x10^6 kilotones of energy per square meter, more than capable of tearing through the thickest of armor.

Warheads Edit

Three main warheads were used: Nuclear, ion and kinetic; though an atmospheric neurotoxin dispenser and a chemical explosive warhead were also developed.

Nuclear warheads usually had a yield of 150 megatons. They were extremely powerful, however they were used only as a final option. The nuclear blast left a field up to a thousand kilometers across of radiation belts around planets, destroying satellites and disabling communications, as well as endangering the crews of friendly vessels. If used against planetary targets, the warheads often leveled an area more than thirty-five kilometers across and ejected billions of tones of atmosphere into space. A planet was often striped of its ozone layer with just a few impacts and the ionosphere usually would not permit effective communication for days. The use of nuclear weapons against ground installations had to be approved by the colonial government before implementation.

The most common warhead was the inert kinetic impactor. This warhead was little more than the warhead slot being filed with an ultra-dense alloy to plow deep into an enemy vessel. With speeds greater than 10km/s the torpedo could tear in one side and out another of most vessels in a hundredth of a second. Used in mass, they would tear holes across the enemy vessel, resulting in massive decompression and internal secondary explosions.

To allow the nuclear and kinetic warheads to be effective against modern shields, they had to first be penetrated. The ion warhead worked as a planetary ion cannon, with a massive electrical burst to disable shields and systems. These were used first to cripple an enemy vessel before a wave of kinetic and nuclear devices impacted to finish the vessel off.

Variations Edit

The IV-34-pT was a truck based model for planetary defense. The pT model was mounted on track based trucks and often had a smaller warhead and a longer burning engines to allow an escape from the planet's gravity to attack orbital targets. 38,000 pT models were built.

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