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I remember well the day I arrived for the first time on Krashba. The day I landed there was Holu, which meant that almost everyone in the city was on the street. They were laying roses near images or statues of someone, about whom I later conceived that is was the Maker.
—Uzraah Misary, recalling his landing on Krashba.

Holu was a day of remembrance in Kreesha life. On this holiday, the Kreesha people memorialized the day the "maker of the universe" created everything.

Applications Edit

Of the few things that are known about Holu, most was recalled by Hoeku and Uzraah Misary, for they both have lived on the planet for quite some time. Sometimes their memory failed them, however, and their statements in that case could be contradictory.

The day after this holiday: 'Holx', was the holiday on which they praised the 'maker' for making the universe, and the Kreesha.

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