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Hizzarg Krellish was a Force-sensitive warrior-king from an unknown primitive race.

Born on an unknown world in the Unknown Regions, Hizzarg had an ability to channel his "Thak" (His race's word for "Soul", presumably meaning the Force) into his fists. Violent and competitive, he saw his strength as a way to increase his own power. At a young age, he took over his village by crushing his chief with his bare hands. BY the time he was a fully mature adult, he had conquered his world. At some point he left the planet, apparently to find new things to conquer, however how he did this is unclear.

In 36 ABY, he somehow learned of Forjj Blackblade's contest and joined it, seeing it as a way to find new power and conquests. Rather then eliminating his rivals before the contest, he decided that he would prove his power by crushing all his opponents with his bare hands.

Seeing him as a direct rival and opposite, Xizzii, one of the other contestants, chose to use his Force abilities and pheromones to subdue him and use him as a weapon. However, the Pheromones had an unusual effect on Hizzarg; the warrior instead became convinced that Xizzii was a female and desired to be his mate. Realizing that he had made a critical error, the Falleen tried to repel him, which only served to enrage the massive alien. In a fit of fury, he crushed his smaller rival with his massive fists. Minutes later, he was killed by Dalthos Bloodstorm and Lucille Ravenwind working together.

Behind the scenesEdit

Almost nothing is known about Hizzarg's race or world. It is not even clear if his statements about conquering the planet with his bare hands are the truth or an exaggeration. It can be assumed however that he is an unusually large example of his species.

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