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Hglu was the leader of a band of Yoogish that killed the wife and son of Aurelius Tempest. He was considered more intelligent than average Yoogs with the ability to produce vocal patterns for Basic speech. However, Hglu had a sadistic nature to his thought process, usually resulting in irrational decisions.

In 38 ABY, Fila Rissori Tempest and Andranio Tempest were in the path of Hglu. The other Yoogs found Fila to be highly attractive but she struggled against their wishes. Hglu saw no point in continuing the struggle, so he slit Fila's throat open with a vibroblade. Upon seeing the murder of his mother, Andranio rushed Hglu, but was stopped by a blaster bolt to the head.

Hglu and the Yoogs left the bodies in an alleyway for Aurelius to find.

Four years later, Hglu and his band were tracked down to the planet Xal 3 on one of the orbiting wheelworlds. Aurelius located the Yoogs and fired a rocket into their room, killing everyone including Hglu.


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