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Imperial Civil War era
If supporters liberate, then we need them.
Vector Hex, stating they can use many supporters.

The Hex Union was an Imperial splinter faction formed by Vector Hex in the Ragon System. The faction had fragmented in 8 ABY with the fall of the government and the disappearance of Vector Hex, however, resistance would not end until the Greater Maldrood would move to retrieve the territories, and reform the Hex Union



Following one year after the Battle of Endor, Vector Hex, former Imperial admiral, defected from the current Imperial Remnant government, and escaped in direction of Bastion and the Nebula Territories. Here Hex formed the Hex Union, which then consisted of a few, very loyal planets, including Ragon and Argo V.

After constructing official government, a period of rapid expansion started for the Hex Union, conquering many worlds like Ervin, Gargaros and Ord Ridanna, these worlds were trained to be fanatically loyal to Vector Hex and the Hex Union, which proven highly successful in later years.

The warEdit

The Hex Union and Hexanics, Vector's company, closely worked together during the war, with Hexanics constructing their weaponry, vehicles and vessels, and with those, defended Hexanic and Hex Union worlds. Later on, they started cooperating with another company named Cybe Drives, eventually meeting Norven Loyaler, which would soon become his closest ally.

Vector Hex sought an alliance with Cybe Drives and the Aradan Union, Norven's Imperial splinter faction, he succeeded in this, and beginning 7 ABY, both factions allied and started supporting and trading with each other, having similar goals. However, later the same year, the Hex Union was ultimately wiped out when the Pentastar Alignment attacked the Ragos system, along with Zsinj's Empire, where the Aradan Union failed to defend their ally.

Vector Hex, their leader, however, lived on, and would formally be requested to serve in Treuten Teradoc's Greater Maldrood, which he gladly accepted. Many of the Hex Union's former subjects rejected governance by Zsinj's empire and by the Pentastar Alignment, and thus went into rebellion.

Fall and legacyEdit

In 11 ABY, the Greater Maldrood would move to recapture the lost territory, allying themselves with the Aradan Union while doing so. After numerous battles against mainly the Pentastar Alignment, most of the planets welcomed Vector back, as he reformed the former Hex Union into the Septentrional Imperium.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The Hex Union was governed by one individual, which would be the current leader, Vector Hex. Hex was obsessed with gaining supporters for the Hex Union, viewing it as better to have many followers if they ever were to fail, which proven very successful. Furthermore, Vector and his faction were open to any potential alliances with other factions, including the Aradan Union, which they briefly allied before their ultimate destruction.

They heavily relied on the technology of Hexanics, and later on, on Cybe Drives as well, eventually buying ships from both, until Hexanics fell, together with the Hex Union.

Another significant thing, is that they utilized the word "infinite", plenty of times, including in their theme, and their military branches, namely the Hex Infinite Navy and the Hex Infinite Army.


The Union consisted of multiple systems divided mainly over the Nebula Territories, many of these worlds were not discovered yet and therefore full of potential.



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