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Hen Sfut was a Gossam female born in 54 BBY in Konfu, Felucia. Her father was a fungus farmer who was eaten by one of his crop when she was very young. Hen began her career as a junior sub-undersecretary working for the office of Administrator Cat Miin. During this time she was an avid watcher of Hyperspace! and fell in love with the main character, Don Juan, of whom she frequently dreamed. In reality, Don Juan was a self-made Jedi who had fallen in love with her after detecting her through the Force and sent her the dreams. The dreams eventually convinced Hen that Don Juan was real, much to the amusement of her friends.

After training to be an officer via a correspondence course, she served as a lieutenant in the Gossam Commandos during the Clone Wars. Although she was stationed on a variety of worlds during the war, she saw a limited amount of action of the front lines, spending most of her time creating Separatist recruitment posters. However, she once led a failed assassination attempt on Palpatine, which resulted in her being beat up by a Red Guard and spending time in a force cage, an incident which left her with a phobia of cages. She also met Dooku, who convinced her (due to a misunderstanding on her part) all Jedi were literally blind. Grievous frequently took out his frustration on Hen by hanging her from a string and beating her with a staff. She saw most of her fellow-Commandos fall to the enemy near the end of the Clone Wars and fled Felucia.

Afterward, she became a medic, and assisted the Alderaanian Resistance in investigating the Sarlacc Project. She was .9 meters tall with yellow eyes and pink skin. She could speak Basic, Gossam, Pak Pak, Sullustese, Bocce, and Huttese. She was known to wear outrageously large hats, and favored a SoroSuub duo blaster carbine but sometimes poisoned enemies with an injector ring given her by Cat Miin's nephew, who was her childhood sweetheart (until she dumped him when she developed a crush on Don Juan).

While on Prakith, in the tunnels of the Stereb, she accidentally stepped on Sith crystal, which became embedded in her foot. The crystal, which had been created eons ago by Darth Andeddu, caused her to feel murderous impulses towards the Stereb. Noticing her odd behavior, Zivone LaChar was able to discover and remove the crystal. While in the Citadel Inquisitorius, she and her companions discovered, to her delight, the real Don Juan. They rescued him from torture by the Inquisitors, and he and Hen declared their love to each other.