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The Hawkeye was a modified YT-1300 class Corellian transport. It was the personal ship of Mercke Lutso.

Mercke's personality accounted for his chronic attachment to people, places, and things; therefore it comes as no surprise to learn that Lutso poured his soul into his ship.

According to Fushus Icounited, Mercke "treated that ship like a person. Like a brother, even. He would talk to it sometimes."

It is estimated that he spent a total of 80-100,000 credits on overall adjustment of the vessel.

Based on his own records, Lutso gathered the funding to purchase the Hawkeye himself—however, rumors persist that he had outside help from one of his many smuggler contacts.

Lutso bought the ship as a surplus vessel from a Tatooine shipping company, and received it in close to stock form, and lightly used. Almost immediately after his honeymoon flight with the ship, he began adding various aftermarket and self-fabricated components. Due to Lutso's lack of extra money at this point in his life, however, his modifications to the ship would not be completed until several years later—as a result of this the ship was often left in a half-finished and damaged state, occasionally causing problems in flight or hyperspace.

When Lutso's project was finished, the ship was almost completely unrecognizable from its original state; the hull had been completely re-skinned with smooth armor plating and was painted in a black and yellow color scheme; the turret ports had been retrofitted with cannons from an Imperial Dreadnought cruiser; the sublight engines were completely replaced; the starboard docking ring was decommissioned and replaced by additional living quarters; the landing struts were refinished with all-terrain contact pads; additional laser cannons were bolted onto several points on the front of the ship, including the cockpit; a concussion missile launcher was installed; a new shield generator was installed; the hyperdrive itself remained unmodified, but received an updated motivator; among other things.

The ship's systems were also modified to better accommodate and cooperate with R2-L6's interface and tools. This was necessary as the droid served as Lutso's only co-pilot.

Legacy Edit

After Mercke's death in 28 ABY, the Hawkeye remained at Nashal starport for a number of years under fees and supervision of Fushus Icounited. Around 75 ABY, Fushus decided to sell the ship to Felome Eta, knowing that he would no longer be able to take care of it.

As the stories would lead one to believe, Felome repainted the ship in a blue and gray color scheme and overhauled the exterior modifications, but left the interior pristine in Mercke's fashion. The ship has remained in his use as far as records show.

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