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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on fanonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

We like him. He makes us Y-Wing drivers look good.
—Anonymous Glod Squadron member

The Hawaiian shirt-wearing Rebel pilot was a colorfully-dressed, if strangely anonymous, Rebel Alliance pilot.


Born on Planet Coosebane, the Hawaiian Shirt-Wearing Rebel Pilot joined the rebel alliance at some point before the Battle of Yavin. However, he wasn't promoted to full active pilot status until sometime after the battle, likely to make up the horrible losses the rebel fleet had suffered. The pilot was assigned to an X-Wing fighter, as well as given an R2 unit, R2-D6.

His first major action was during the Raid on Place in 2 ABY, where he flew support for the rebel forces on the ground and in space. This battle saw the pilot gain his first confirmed kills, knocking out two TIE Fighters as well as a lone, unsuspecting TIE Crawler. More importantly, while separated from his formation and hopelessly lost, he stumbled across a lone Lambda-class shuttle, shooting it down. Even though he was unaware of it at the time, the shuttle was piloted by Forjj Blackblade, a Dark Jedi (but crap pilot).

The pilot took part in the Battle of Endor and later the Nagai-Tof War, lending his skills and outstandingly bad dress sense to both conflicts. In 7 ABY he flew support duty for the Bacchus III during its attack on the Wolf Raider homeworld of Balgus Star. At the height of the battle, he engaged the W-Wing Starfighter piloted by enemy ace, Ken, shooting it down.

In 9 ABY, he took part in the still very-classified attack on the dreaded imperial superweapon, the Nostril of Palpatine. It was his shot that destroyed the weapon, eliminating it and its creator, Warlord Celie Namgadi. Oddly enough, he was one of only two people to realize that her agent, R. Jones was a Human Replica Droid and not a Human.

At some point afterward, the pilot was sent to infiltrate the infamous mercenary squadron, the Skulls. Disguised in a black shirt (with a white floral print), he was immediately found out because he was "too nice." However, the leader of the Skulls thought that he was funny, so they merely sent him back with a thank-you note.

After a long career with a distinct lack of promotions, the pilot participated in the Yuuzhan Vong War, taking part in a number of lesser-known conflicts. His most notable role was in the Third Battle of Place, a rare early victory for the Republic, where quick thinking and sheer stupidity allowed him to intercept a number of the Vong transports before they could be deployed. Amazed at the uncharacteristic damage their forces had suffered, the Vong gave him the title of Hugruck-blaaargh or "He who has very poor dress sense".


Not terribly impressive, the Hawaiian Shirt-Wearing Rebel Pilot was rather generic as humans went. Blue eyed, brown haired and perpetually unshaven (but never actually having a beard), he was rather nondescript. However, his mode of dress more then made up for this; rather then wearing a standard uniform, he dressed in very bright, blue-and-white, floral-print shirts. His flight helmet bore a similar color scheme, and at least one of his fightsuits was similarly modified.


The Hawaiian Shirt-Wearing Rebel Pilot flew an X-Wing starfighter for his entire career; in fact, it appears that he flew the same X-Wing for all that time. Initially starting out in a stock Alliance "Dirty white with color bands" scheme, the ship began to sport more and more exotic appearances over time.

The fighter's bands were later painted blue with floral print patterns, mirroring his colorful shirts. At one stage, the entire ship was painted blue with the same pattern.

While infiltrating the Skulls, the craft was again repainted. This time, it was entirely black with neon-green print. This probably went some way to explaining why they thought he was funny.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The term Hawaiian Shirt-Wearing Rebel Pilot is somewhat conjectural. In this case, the term is using an Earth frame of reference ("Hawaiian Shirt") for an object in the Star Wars universe that has no named term (ie, bright, floral-patterned button-up shirts). It is not clear at this point if there is a place known as Hawaii in the Star Wars universe or if they have bright, floral-patterned button-up shirts.

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