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"One, orders. You follow orders. They keep you alive. Two, you're part of a team. We look out for our buddies—I cover your back, you cover mine. And three, an officer rank doesn't give you automatic respect. You earn it. It's not just Cade's rank that makes us give him one hundred percent. It's because he treats us with respect, and he puts himself on the line with us."
—CC-1212, to Clanker

CC-1212, nicknamed Havoc, was a veteran clone commander who led the Grand Army of the Republic's acclaimed 536th Legion during the Clone Wars. Bred and trained on Kamino, 1212 entered into Republic service at the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY. He gained respect as an honorable commander from Jedi officers and clone troopers alike, becoming known as one of the best and toughest clone troopers in the Grand Army. 1212 was even selected for special command training under Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, following which he took the nickname "Havoc." As the commander of the 536th, Havoc served as second-in-command to Jedi Generals Cade and Olivve. He was close friends with Captain Appa, with their relationship mirroring that of their respective Jedi Generals, Cade and Olivve and Tyler and Jackkel. The six of them often received joint assignments to coordinate front-line campaigns against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. At the Battle of Tatooine, Havoc became friends to Cade's Padawan,Tyler, with whom he forged a strong bond. He also managed to rebound from the following Battle of Dathomir, an engagement he would never forget due to the near-complete eradication of his 536th unit, Death Squad. While on a stealth mission with Appa, Havoc rallied a small team of rookie soldiers to destroy the Separatist base on Nar Shadda, which they thereafter destroyed to thwart the Confederate General Grievous's planned invasion of Haruun Kal. He was soon deployed on tour aboard Cade's flagship, the Invinsible, and joined Cade and Tyler in leading 536th offensives at Kalle, Sriluur, and other flashpoints across the galaxy. He took part in countless campaigns in the galactic theater of war, from the liberation of Kiffu to helping in the uprising of Iridonia to other hard-won victories like the Battle of Serenno, the Second Battle of Naboo, and the Battle of Mandalore.

Throughout his career, Havoc proved to be an effective leader who truly cared for the men under his command, even as he began to doubt his own future—and those of his clone brethren—in the Republic. The Battle of Concordia saw him meet the Death Watch Trooper Mand Dia, whom he came to respect despite their striking differences. In 21 BBY, his leadership was put to the ultimate test at the Battle of Phatrong, when he was forced to unite the 536th Legion against the Separatist leader Emchic Dong, an extremely violent human who hated clones. Havoc was captured and infected by a brain worm that Dong had kept as a pet. The worm was different from others and Havoc knew what he was doing but couldn't control it. Eventually, Clanker got the worm out, but Havoc was scarred forever.

Havoc's unwavering dedication to the Republic kept him on the front lines over the three-year span of the Clone Wars. He aided Cade, Tyler, Olivve, and Jakkel in rescuing Kel Dor colonists from the Zygerrian Slave Empire and, around 20 BBY, offered his soldier's expertise to help the Jedi train local insurgents on Kintan to emancipate their world. In a stark turn of events, he and Cade lead the defense on Alderaan against the Separatists. In a frontal assault, Order 66 came through and feeling the same helplessness he did on Phatrong, he shot Cade by instict. Tyler escaped Alderaan but was scarred by his master's brutal slaughter. By war's end in 19 BBY, Havoc countied to command the 536th until 4 ABY when the Empire was broken apart. He served until his death in 7 ABY at the Battle of Trandosha.


A Human male clone of the acclaimed bounty hunter Jango Fett, the clone trooper who received the designation CC-1212 was born around the year 32 BBY on the planet Kamino for service in the Grand Army of the Republic. Granted advanced growth by the Kaminoan cloners, 1212's early life largely incorporated Kaminoan flash training. As was the case with other clones who became officers, the Kaminoans spotted his natural leadership abilities early on, and over the next decade, he was put through additional command training and intensive programmed learning to develop his skills. In 22 BBY, 1212 served on the planet Geonosis in the opening battle of what became known as the Clone Wars, fighting on the side of the Galactic Republic against the native Geonosians and the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 1212 survived the First Battle of Geonosis and continued his Grand Army service in the resultant intergalactic conflict, swearing to defend all Republic citizens from harm as part of his oath of loyalty to the Republic state.

1212 served with Jedi Generals on multiple occasions and learned to respect their abilities; in turn, Jedi officers came to rely on him. Thanks to his aggression on the battlefield, he earned a reputation as one of the Republic Military's best and toughest clone troopers. Such was his prowess that he was among the one hundred clone officers recalled to Kamino to undergo specialized command training. Under the hardened eye of Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, 1212 and his fellow soldiers endured grueling exercises to develop independent thought, improvisation, and individuality. The ARC program led 1212 to befriend another officer, Clone Captain Appa. After Alpha-17 rewarded their individualism by granting them proper names, 1212 and 2578 became known as "Havoc" and "Appa," respectively, with the former keeping the origins of his nickname to himself. Havoc often found himself working with his new friend Appa, particularly in a number of dangerous campaigns, including a dire operation on the planet Naboo alongside several Jedi that the two managed to survive.

In addition, the Mandalorian veterans who trained clone officers on Kamino bestowed on him the battle honor of Mandalorian Jaig eyes, and he had the adornments emblazoned on his clone trooper armor's helmet. In the same year, a new elite unit was formed within the Grand Army: the 536th Legion, a special detachment of the elite Coruscant guard. Havoc was given command of the core group of the 536th Legion, with which he was tasked with patrolling the galaxy's lawless Outer Rim Territories. As part of his designated 536th detachment, Havoc received his own troop detail—Death Squad, which became based out of the very best clone troopers. He and his men were placed under the overall command of Jedi General Cade, who accepted his officer's commission after being appointed as a Jedi Master four weeks into the war.

As Cade's second-in-command, Havoc learned much from his commanding officer, developing a certain friendship with him. He operated with Cade on the front lines, with the two frequently turning unconventional tactics into Republic victories. As Cade later recalled, Havoc, as a rookie trooper, was initially eager to follow every order to the letter, but became less wound tight with the passage of time. The 536th Legion gained fame and veteran status under their leadership, and Master Olivve decided to also lead the 536th with Cade. Under Olivve's direction, the 536th grew into an amalgamation of clone units whose members underwent secret training and were moved across the galaxy's battlefields as the war effort required. Besides his friendship with Appa, Havoc formed a working relationship with Shaak, a fellow 536th member, and befriended Advanced Recon Force Sergeant Loommer. He also became acquainted with Appa's own Jedi General, Tyler. On one assignment, Havoc and his battalion teamed up with a squad of elite Advanced Recon Commandos to attack a battle droid army that had captured a strategic city.

Commander of the 536th Edit

Battle of Tatooine Edit

"Not good. We've got an energy shield. It's gonna make things damn near impossible. If you want experience, little one, it looks like you're about to get plenty."
―Havoc, to Rock, during the battle for Mos Espa Grand Arena

Seven weeks into the war, Havoc and Appa were dispatched with a Republic battle group under the command of Cade and Tyler to liberate the planet Tatooine, which had fallen to the Confederacy and its Retail Caucus conglomerate. En route to Tatooine aboard the Invincible, Havoc witnessed a holographic broadcast alongside Tyler, Cade, and Appa in which General Pilf Mukmuk, the leader of the enemy invasion, led an uprising against Republic supporters. After reaching the Tatoo system, the Republic forces defeated Confederate Admiral Jar's naval blockade and established a base on the surface. Cade and Tyler then took a clone contingent led by Havoc and Appa into Begger's Canyon. Once there the Jedi and clones prepared an ambush to offset the Confederacy's advantage in troop strength. They moved into a canyon with two north- and south-facing caves from where they intended to intercept a Separatist droid battalion set to pass through the major plaza below. Cade and Havoc stationed their men in the north cave, while the south cave housed the detail led by Tyler, Appa, and Clone Trooper Rook.

As the Separatist battalion commanded by the T-series tactical droid JA-20 marched through the lifeless desert, the south cave unexpectedly split in half. The Republic's strategy was thus compromised when numerous B1 battle droid squads ambushed Tyler's men in the south cave. After signaling clone trooper pilot Driver for an evacuation, Cade, Havoc, and their men used their DC-15A blaster rifles' grappling hooks to rappel over to the south Cave. They avoided laser fire from the droid infantry below and arrived to reinforce Tyler and Appa, who were holding out against overwhelming numbers. Once Tyler temporarily impeded the droids' advance by Force-pushing a blaster cannon at them, the combined clone detachment took a turbolift to the roof for their evacuation. JA-20 pursued them to the roof with more droid troops, and Havoc, Appa and the clones provided cover fire for Cade and Tyler to cut through the droids.Driver's  LAAT/i gunship  The Heavy Hammer soon arrived, and Havoc and his comrades escaped with JA-20's cranial unit, which trooper Slingshot had pilfered.

Back at the base that night, Havoc andAppa analyzed JA-20's cranial unit in the command center under arobolobotomy, but they only confirmed that the Confederacy had been aware of their plan before the unit stopped processing. Upon being apprised of their clone officers' findings, Cade suggested that a security breach was the cause for the Separatists' acquisition of their strategy, but Tyler went so far as to suspect that there was a spy among their men. Cade and Tyler decided to investigate behind enemy lines, ordering Havoc and Appa to keep their mission confidential and remain behind to apprehend the potential traitor. Shortly after the Jedi departed, Appa was alarmed to find a Hush-98 comlink deliberately left activated on a nearby table with the troops' other equipment, indicating that someone had remotely eavesdropped on their entire conversation with the Jedi. Havoc then noticed a figure in the hallway too far away to be identified: Sergeant Binx, who had become a spy for the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress and the Confederacy out of a grudge against the Jedi. Binx immediately broke into a run and ignored Havoc's commands to halt, forcing Appa and Rex to pursue him through the base. Despite losing their target, the two officers were able to follow his path through the complex's hallways to the mess hall, where they realized—due to the fact that only their fellow clones were present there—that the traitor was one of their own brethren.

Returning to the command center, Havoc and Appa attempted to contact Cade and Tyler but found that communications were being blocked, potentially by the spy in their camp. Havoc resolved to use Cade's astromech droid, C8-D3, to check the station's outgoing transmission logs from the past few days. Musing through C8-D3's findings with a datapad, Havoc traced an odd spike in wavelength interference to a computerterminal located in the barracks of Death Sqaud. Inferring that one of Havoc's men was the spy, Havoc and Appa decided to individually interrogate the platoon's members despite protest from Binx. Though troopers Hotshot, Bruiser, Crusher, and Stalker all passed interrogation with credible alibis, trooper Bob was forced to reveal that he had broken war protocols by stealing battle droid fingers from the battlefield and stringing them into anecklace. While attempting to derail Bob's trustworthiness, Binx inadvertently revealed his knowledge of the Jedi's mission—information he could have only obtained via the open comlink that Appa had found in the command center. When put on the spot, Binx attacked Appa and Bob and promptly fled from the barracks, leaving Death Squad, as well asHavoc and Appa, shocked with the revelation of the sergeant's true allegiances.

Havoc and Appa immediately gave chase to the exposed Binx, tracing a signal from his utility belt to the gunship landing platform. Instead of Binx, they found his utility belt attached to a primed thermal detonator, and they scrambled for cover just before the explosive triggered a series of others. The resulting explosion decimated the landing platform and the weapons supply depot, as well as the base's power generators. Upon learning from Hotshot and Bob that Binx had been spotted running into the command center, Havoc headed with Appa to apprehend the saboteur, leaving Death Squad and the other troops to seal the perimeter. In the command center, Havoc and Appa noticed that Binx was hiding in the above ventilation shaft and engaged in a ploy to bait him out of his hiding place. While Appa secretly removed the ammunition from his DC-15S blaster and left the weapon on the holotable console, Havoc appeared to leave for the south exit to restart the base's power generators. Once the blast doors had closed behind him, he reentered the room and assisted Appa in confronting Binx, who had forsook his cover to steal Appa's empty blaster. Although held at blasterpoint, Binx refused to surrender, grabbing Havoc's DC-15S blaster and bowling him over.

In the ensuing brawl, Appa and Binx disarmed each other and engaged in unarmed combat. When Havoc joined in, he received a blow to the head, and Binx knocked him to the floor and used the "groin popper" maneuver to dislocate his leg. Nevertheless, Appa swiftly knocked out Binx, and the enemy agent was detained and locked in handcuffs. When Cade and Tyler returned, Havoc and Appa presented them with Binx, who, no longer comatose, attempted to justify his actions with his hatred for the Jedi. Binx's accusations elicited rebuttals from his clone officers, who countered that his exploits had endangered the lives of the clone brothers he claimed to love. Once Binx had been ushered away to lock-up,Havoc and Appa reported the sabotage of the weapons depot to Cade and Tyler, who replied that they had discovered the full strength of the on-world Separatist invasion force, numbering close to a thousand units.

It was not long before Pilf Mukmuk launched his first assault on the Republic forces, which became based out of Gardulla the Hutt's Palace. After several days of battle, the Jedi and clones were able to beat back the Separatists, forcing them into retreat for the time being. Havoc took advantage of the lapse in fighting to shave his hair and review casualty reports on his datapad near the Republic's temporary forward aid station. There, he conferred and joked with the medic on duty, Clone Trooper Steve, as well as trooper Joe, who was being treated for a shoulder injury. The moment the Confederate forces initiated another attack, Havoc grabbed his rifle and joined Cade and Tyler in the streets. While Appa assisted Tyler in marshaling a defense of their base, Havoc took a clone platoon to accompany Cade along a route parallel to the city's main street. As they made their way behind enemy lines, Havoc recalled how the antebellum Palace had been glittering with beauty just days prior until the fighting crippled the city. He followed Cade and the rest of their men, including Steve and a patched-up Joe, to an energy sphere tower, where they divided their troops. While most of the platoon was tasked with targeting the street-level droids, Havoc and Cade took several troopers to the roof to surprise a trio of advancing octuptarra magna tri-droids from above. Havoc and his men used JT-12 jetpacks to reach the street below, while Cade landed on one of the tri-droids himself.

Havoc and his comrades' combined efforts brought down the three droids, and they turned their attention to the droid infantry's exposed rear flank, pressing on without haste. Once Mukmuk and his droid army had been driven into another retreat, a Republic Nu-class attack shuttle landed on the Palace's Main Landing Pad. Although Tyler believed that his new lightsabers were on board, he and Cade found that instead of delivering some expected reinforcements, the shuttle had brought the Jedi Master Olivve, who was old friends with Cade. Havoc was introduced to Olivve at the base's observation post and was surprised to meet the Jedi Master, as Cade had previously stated that they were the only jedi that were going to fight on Tatooine. Havoc could not help but chuckle when Olivve nicknamed Tyler "Whiny" but Tyler, embarrassed by his arrogant behavior, left to speak with Appa. Olivve then asked Havoc for abreifing of the battle so far. While taking Olivve on his inspection rounds of The Palace's lookout points, Havoc complied and ushered Olivve away to confer with him privately.

Harnessing various elements of his training, Olivve helped Havoc to better understand his role as a commander in the Grand Army, and they were able to reach an understanding of each other—although Havoc was still eager to prove he was ready to be under Olivve's command, he learned to be more appropriate and respectful to his superiors. While near the Republic's setup of AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons, Olivve noticed that the Confederacy was deploying a deflector shield, a development that alarmed Havoc, who knew that such a shield would render the Republic's artillery useless. Both of them joined Cade and Tyler at the comm station to devise a tactic to repel the imminent Separatist counterattack. It was decided that Cade would take Olivve behind enemy lines to eliminate the shield generator, while Tyler and Havoc would engage the droids to stall for time. After Cade and Olivve departed, Havoc and Tyler attempted to use the heavy cannons against the enemy shield but only confirmed that they were indeed useless. Using an unencrypted comlink channel to appear more convincing to the Separatists, Havoc ordered the clone forces to fall back before switching back to a secure channel. Via eavesdropping on Confederate voice traffic, he learned that Mukmuk had ordered his infantry to target the heavy cannons, which had impeded his troops earlier in the battle but were now ineffectual and vulnerable.

As soon as the deflector shield passed over them, Tyler led a forward charge on Mukmuk's front lines, while Havoc and his men lured the droids into the buildings along the main street. When the droids fired a missile at the comm post that Havoc was using as cover, the explosion winded him and knocked him to the ground. After being forced to pull back his men, he met with Tyler at the command center. Although Havoc proposed that they use the heavy cannons in spite of the shield, which would cause fatal overpressure and result in severe collateral damage, Tyler instead ordered him to mobilize a defense of the cannons while the Jedi Padawan himself delayed the droids. Despite his reluctance to leave Tyler to fend for himself, Havoc obeyed orders and retreated while Tyler confronted the oncoming droids. As the shield approached the heavy cannons, Havoc, Steve, and their men countered the advancing droids' fire from some rubble near the main street. Havoc soon learned that Tyler had surrendered to Mukmuk, but he deduced that the Jedi Commander was simply stalling and rallied his men to hold the line.

As Havoc and his men withstood the onslaught from the droids' overwhelming numbers, Cade and Olivve eliminated the shield generator. Havoc was aiming at a Kerkoiden tank commander when he caught a glimpse of the receding shield, and he killed the enemy officer out of sheer relief at the sight. He quickly ordered the heavy cannons to commence firing on the exposed Separatists and their Armored Assault Tanks, to great effect. With Admiral Piett and Jedi Master Jackkelarriving with reinforcements to complete the process of securing Tatooine, Havoc allowed himself to breathe and personally feel the deaths of his men, acknowledging the pain that came with losing them. Although LAAT/i gunships flew in and began to bombard the nearby droid lines, he braved the incoming fire to help Steve search through the debris for the two surviving troopers whom they had located via their helmets' heads-up displays. Havoc later took a gunship to pick up Cade and Olivve from the shield generator site, then returned with them to the command base at the Palace. During the flight back, he congratulated Cade and Olivve on their successful mission—making a point to commend the elder Olivve, from whom he was slowly earning respect from.

Battle of Dathomir Edit

"If we can't stop them, then we delay them as long as we can, and after that we make sure they have to crawl over our bodies. It's been an honor, gentlemen."
-Havoc, to Death Squad

Following the victory on Tatooine, Cade and Tyler were assigned to rescue Viss, the son of the Hutt crime lord Ona Missoi Onto, from enemy kidnappers. Their orders came as part of the Republic's overall effort to convince Ona to grant the Grand Army access to hyperspace lanes running through the Kowak System. Havoc and Death Squad accompanied the two Jedi to the planet Dathomir—where Republic Advanced Recon Force trooper scouts had tracked the Huttlet—in an Acclamator-class transport. Because the clifftopmonastery where Viss was being held was a half-mile off the ground and was being guarded by a detachment of battle droids, Cade elected to launch a vertical assault up the cliff face to reach the monastery. LAAT/i gunships ferried The 536th to the surface, and LAAT carriers brought a pair of AT-TE walkers along as extra support. When the monastery's droid defenders opened fire on the approaching craft, Clone Lieutenant Driver—the pilot of the Heavy Hammer, which was carrying Cade, Tyler, Havoc and their men—closed the gunship's blast shields to deflect the incoming fire. The gunships landed in the forest below the cliff, and the AT-TEs returned fire at the droids, providing cover for the Jedi and clones to take refuge in an overhang.

Havoc soon sighted an object falling from the cliff, and though he initially believed it was an explosive device, it was identified as a fallen battle droid. Following Cade and Tyler's lead, the men of The 536th employed their blasters' ascension cables to scale the cliff, with Havoc using his rappel line to ascend it. As a vertical crossfire commenced, the droid cannonades felled one of the AT-TE walkers, severing its grip on the cliff. Havoc watched in horror as the AT-TE plummeted to the ground, taking all of the troops beneath along with it. When B1 battle droids on Single Trooper Aerial Platforms flew in to attack the clones in mid-climb, Havoc trained his blasterfire at the airborne droids before Cade eliminated them. The 536th reached the monastery and destroyed the remainder of the droid infantry, albeit at the loss of half of its men. Upon arrival at the summit, Havoc called in The Heavy Hammer to casevac their fifteen wounded troopers, assigning several men to look after them in the meantime. He and Cade deduced from the heavy droid presence that the Separatists were the Huttlet's captors.

Leaving most of the men outside in the event of another assault, Rex took Steve and troopers Hotshot, Bruiser, and Shaak to help Cade and Tyler scour the monastery for the missing Huttlet. Entering the dimly lit castle, Havoc and his men activated their helmet's headlights for better vision. Inside, the protocol droid 5N-6, claiming to be the monastery's caretaker, greeted and thanked them for liberating him from the battle droids. Learning from the protocol droid that the Separatists had kept their prisoners on the detention level, Cade and Tyler proceeded there to rescue the Huttlet while Havoc and his men stayed behind to guard the entrance. Yet Havoc suspected that 5N-6 was not what he appeared to be, and though he was unable to confirm his suspicions, he was correct—the droid was aiding the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress as part of a Separatist plot to frame the Republic and the Jedi Order for Viss' kidnapping. Havoc returned to the monastery courtyard and finished securing the castle with his troops. As midday approached, he learned from Cade that Viss had been found and sent Steve to help transport the Huttlet with a backpack. Upon their return, Cade and Tyler prepared to leave Dathomir with Viss aboard The Heavy Hammer that Havoc had on standby for them. However, Tyler's discovery that the Huttlet was ill halted their preparations for an evacuation and forced them to consider another solution.

While Cade and Tyler were delivering a status report to Olivve through C8-D3's holoprojector link, a pair of Confederate C-9979 landing craft approached the monastery and deployed Vulture droid starfighters and ground troops. With battle droids invading the courtyard, Havoc and Cade mobilized Death Squad to defend their position while Tyler returned inside with Viss. After briefly conferring with Cade on the weak chances of getting Tyler and Viss safely off-planet, Havoc dispatched Troopers Steve and Rock to provide covering fire for the rest of the company. Their remaining AT-TE walker was shot down, and The 536th began to take heavy losses. Havoc joined his men in retreating into the monastery, and with everyone else inside, Cade ordered his commander to shut the entrance door. He initially refused, as Cade would be locked outside with the droids, but when his general tersely repeated the order, he complied and fired a blaster round at the controls. Cade used the Force to propel himself through the closing gap and into the entrance chamber, sealing all of them inside. With three-quarters of their men dead, several wounded, and only three medic-trained troopers remaining, Tyler convinced his Master that it was best to find medical attention for the sick Viss. Cade and his Padawan left with C8-D3 to escape from the castle while Havoc remained with Death Squad to hold their position.

Havoc and his men braced themselves as the Separatist battalion—under the command of Asajj Ventress—disabled the door's lock mechanism, allowing B1, B2, and DSD1 dwarf spider droids to flood into the stronghold in overwhelming numbers. Havoc watched as his men fell to enemy fire one by one before being knocked to the ground himself. Feigning death, he secretly contacted his surviving comrades through their private comm frequency and learned that only five of his men, including Steve, remained uninjured. As Ventress entered the antechamber and gave orders to an OOM command battle droid, Havoc destroyed the droid with one of his DC-17 hand blasters and then targeted the Dark Acolyte. Ventress, however, immediately drew her double-bladed lightsabers and deflected his laser shots. She telekinetically disarmed him of his blaster pistol and Force-choked him, demanding that he reveal Cade's whereabouts. Having been trained in mental resistance, Havoc kept repeating his name, rank, trooper designation, and battle group to avoid succumbing to her influence. She finally gave up her interrogation and, after dropping the defiant Havoc to the floor, performed a mind trick, ordering him to contact Cade and ask for his general's location.

Havoc resisted Ventress's influence and commed Cade of his own accord, using a false voice and addressing him as "Cade" instead of his usual "General Cade" to allude to Ventress's presence. Unaware of his exploit, Ventress threw him aside and departed to personally confront Cade, tasking her battle droids with guarding the survivors of The 536th. Though he suspected that his ribs had been broken, Havoc mimicked unconsciousness to avoid attracting the droids' attention. He repeatedly checked in with his men over their private frequency, keeping them prepared to mount a last stand. Cade soon made contact via comlink, and because Havoc had forgotten to divert the signal to his helmet, the battle droids overheard the device. As the enemy units converged on him, he destroyed several of the droids closest to him and stole an E-5 blaster rifle from one of them. Moving as one, the other 536th survivors—Steve, Slingshot, Crusher, Loommer, and Stalker—sprang to their feet and also attacked their captors, pilfering blasters for themselves. Using the fallen AT-TE as cover, they engaged the droids in a crossfire. Havoc took a painkiller from his utility belt medpac before reporting their situation to Cade. Eventually, Slingshot planted explosives in an eviscerated super battle droid and detonated the unit once it had been sent back into the Confederate lines. The trap droid destroyed many of its comrades, but only a few minutes elapsed before the droids regrouped to resume their attack.

Havoc and his comrades were able to bring down an advancing Vulture droid starfighter, using it as cover to combat the droids at a closer proximity. Nevertheless, the clone troopers were seriously outnumbered, and the battle droids demanded their surrender. At that moment, Olivve arrived at Dathomir with Captain Appa, the rest of the 536th, and an armada under the command of Admiral Piett. Leading an aerial assault on the droids, Olivve jumped out of his Delta-7B starfighter to assist Havoc and the other 536th survivors while LAAT/i gunships deployed Appa and his men. Learning from Havoc that Cade was most likely still in the stronghold, Olivve left to find his fellow Jedi General. Eventually, Cade—having contacted Driver and the Heavy Hammer,was picked up with Tyler and Viss—contacted Havoc, reluctantly telling him that they would be unable to give support since returning Viss to his father on Kowak was still their priority. Havoc understood his general's dilemma and replied that he and his men would be able to hold out thanks to Olivve's aid. Under covering fire from his men, Havoc charged at an advancing dwarf spider droid and planted a primed thermal detonator on it, jumping away in time to avoid the explosion that engulfed it.

As Havoc and his men cut through the battle droids, Olivve returned from a duel with Ventress. Havoc voiced his doubt that Cade and Tyler would be able to reach Kowak in the battered up gunship, but Olivve was confident that Driver's expertise at a starship's controls would prove adequate. After the Republic finally emerged victorious on Dathomir, Havoc conferred with Appa amidst the settling dust, venting his frustration with the poorly handled operation. Although Havoc was still devastated with the loss of the 536th, his friend stated that their efforts had not been in vain, as Cade and Tyler had reached Kowak with Viss. The two clone officers accompanied Masters Yoda and Olivve to Ona's Palace on Kowak to retrieve Cade and Tyler, who had returned Viss to his father and established a treaty with the Hutt for Grand Army access through the Kowak System. Upon meeting with Havoc,Cade and Tyler wanted to hear all the details of the battle's end, of the men who had won and paid the ultimate price for the victory. Despite his distress, Havoc agreed to recount it to them. Though the 536th was replenished with new troops, the defeat of the original unit stayed with Havoc for a long time.

Shipyards of Mirial Edit

"Still no word. We have to assume they're in trouble. I think it's time to alter Master Cade's orders."
"Are you sure, sir?"
"Havoc, just like Master Cade, you will have to learn to trust me."
―Tyler and Havoc, on their orders to stay put during the infiltration of Mirial

As warfare continued to devastate the galaxy, the Confederate Navy, outnumbering the Republic Navy fourfold, put the Republic's war effort at a supreme disadvantage. With the likelihood of being prematurely defeated in the war, the Jedi High Council decided to impair Separatist starship production by targeting the InterGalactic Banking Clan's Confederate-allied Mirial shipyards. Because the shipyards' exact location on Mirial's planetary surface had yet to be determined, the task of pinpointing it fell to Cade, Olivve, and Havoc to penetrate Mirial's defenses—namely, a droid-operated blockade and a radiation beam that eradicated all life forms bound for the planet—Cade chalked out a plan for a small strike force to be temporarily frozen incarbonite. C8-D3, whose presence would not cause much suspicion to the blockade's droid security, would then pilot the team to Mirial. After locating the shipyards, they would relay the coordinates to General Jackkel , who would eliminate the facility with a Republic squadron. Initiating preparations on Pantora, Havoc gathered a clone squad at carbonite freezing plant A-27, where Cade assured his commander that they would not be frozen long enough for hibernation sickness to take effect. Havoc and his men, along with Cade and Olivve, were encased in carbonite with the addition of Tyler, who had been ordered not to participate in the mission but nonetheless manipulated Admiral Piett to grant him clearance.

Havoc and the strike team proceeded to Mirial aboard the freighter BA-177, with C8-D3 at the controls. When the blockade's battle droids discovered that the ship was unregistered, C8-D3 was forced to release the task force and jettison from the vessel just before the battle droids shot down the freighter. The astromech droid freed Tyler from his carbonite slab, and he in turn released Havoc and the others. Once they had found the enemy facility, Cade and Olivve sent Havoc, Tyler, C8-D3, and two other clone troopers to contact Jackkel from a nearby communication tower. After they broke into the station, Tyler transmitted the shipyards' coordinates to Jackkel and Piett, who were waiting in the Ryloth system. Before Havoc and his comrades could arrange to be evacuated from Mirial, the transmission was cut off when the shipyards' supervisor, Overseer Aayl, contacted the station and discovered the presence of the Republic strike team. Havoc, Tyler, and their men managed to flee with C8-D3 just before Aayl remotely destroyed the station, and Tyler relayed the developments to Cade and Olivve. While their superiors infiltrated the shipyards, Havoc, Tyler, and their team went to find cover on Mirial's plains, where a squad of jetpack-equipped B2-RP battle droids attacked them.

After escaping from the droids, Havoc and his comrades took refuge in a cave that they soon found was the current residence of a large lizard-like creature, which killed one of the clones before Tyler could eliminate it. As time passed, the extended lack of communication from Cade and Olivve led Tyler to conclude that their commanders were in trouble. She decided that it was time to "alter" Cade's orders of staying concealed, and though Havoc voiced some doubt, he left the cave with Tyler and the other trooper. However, Aayl was waiting for them just outside with a squad of B2 super battle droids and killed their clone companion on sight. Presented with the choice of capitulating or being immediately gunned down, Havoc and Tyler decided to comply with Aayl's demands and were taken away, leaving C8-D3 back in the cave. As night fell, Aayl had Havoc and Tyler attached to electrically charged frames alongside Cade and Olivve, who had been captured at the shipyards. Before departing, Aayl left a trio of IG-100 MagnaGuards to guard them from spiders, his intent being to let them survive as a reminder to the shipyards' slaves of his absolute superiority. Although the four were tortured and electrocuted in turn, Havoc grudgingly expressed his gratitude for the MagnaGuards' protection from the spiders.

In an attempt to free themselves, Cade, Olivve, and Tyler used the Force to destroy the MagnaGuards, and C8-D3 arrived and cut them and Havoc from their frames before the spiders could attack. The team proceeded to the shipyards and convinced Aayl's slaves, who numbered over a thousand, to emancipate themselves from their servitude. At dawn the next day, Cade, Olivve, Tyler, nd Havoc stole one of the shipyards' near-completed Munificent-class star frigates and escaped aboard it with the ex-slaves, just as Jackkel arrived with their team of bombers. Jackkel led the BTL-B Y-wing starfighters of Hunter Squadron on their strike on the Banking Clan facility, dropping their munitions on the site. Cade, meanwhile, used their frigate's tractor beam to retrieve trooper Crusher, who had been left behind at the drop zone when his carbonite slab's controls malfunctioned, and headed for the Separatist blockade. However, the battle droids overseeing the blockade detected the multitude of life forms aboard the stolen frigate, and at Aayl's behest, they activated the radiation beam. Before the beam could vaporize Havoc and the other passengers, Jackkel intervened, disabling the scan gate that was projecting the beam. The Jedi Master hitched a ride on the vessel, his hyperdrive booster ring had been destroyed, and they left the Mirial system for Pandora. There, Aayl's ex-slaves found employment with the Republic. Once Crusher had been freed from his carbonite, Havoc reassured the disappointed trooper that there would be more fighting to come.

Outpost inspections Edit

"All right, listen up. There's only one target of interest in this sector: Kamino. It's the closest thing we clones have to a home. Today, we fight for more than the Republic. Today, we fight for all our brothers back home. Understood?"
"Sir, yes, sir!"
―Havoc, to Asec, Clanker, and Urav 

Havoc was stationed with Cade, Tyler and Admiral Piett on board Cade's flagship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Invinsible, when it was deployed to the Dathomir system during the emerging threat of a new Separatist superweapon. After the enemy weapon executed a devastating assault on Jackkel's forces in the nearby Glee Anslem system, the Invinsible was reassigned to protect the Republic's supply convoys alongside Olivve ,the Upper Deck, and the rest of their fleet. Cade thereafter divided his armada to increase their defensive perimeter and departed with Tyler to scout ahead for enemy activity. Havoc was present on the Invinsible's bridge with Piett when Olivve contacted them to check on their progress as well as Cade's whereabouts. Piett reported that the convoys were on schedule and also informed Olivve of Cade's orders. Cade and Tyler soon discovered that the Separatist superweapon was the Kitfistonvsa,  a powerful Subjugator-class heavy cruiser that was equipped with an ion pulse cannon. The Invinsible was again reassigned, this time to join a Republic naval strike on the Kitfistonvsa near Cosia. The ensuing Battle of Cosia saw the battleship eradicated, its threat to the Republic ended.

Havoc and Captain Appa were next assigned to inspect several small but integral Republic bases and listening posts. Their first inspection site was a tracking station in the Duro system. Upon arrival on Duro aboard Havoc's Republic Gunship, the Heavy Hammer, Havoc began assessing the outpost with Appa and commented on the station's extreme cleanliness. Trooper Cadba informed them that an MSE-series droid nicknamed "Nevspr" maintained the base, mentioning that the droid had a glitch and spent hours cleaning the outpost. Recognizing the droid's characteristics as those of a spy droid, Havoc called out a Code Aurek alert and ordered the facility's troopers to track down Nevspr. The rookie clones were unaware of Havoc's suspicions and initially thought he was crazy, but when Havoc found the droid and blasted its body, the droid's wheels activated of their own accord and fled, a feature uncommon in regular MSE droids. The troopers eliminated three of the wheels, and when the fourth made for a grate, Evizs destroyed it with a thermal detonator; the resulting explosion caused a significant amount of damage to the hallway. Amused with Evizs' solution, Havoc told the troops to clean up the mess before leaving the station with Appa.

After Appa reported their successful inspection to Cade and Olivve, who were aboard the Invinsible, he and Havoc proceeded to Nar Shadda, where a Separatist outpost was jamming Republic sensors. They were unaware that Confederate BX-series droid commandos had just been delivered to the base. When Appa told Havoc about the commandos, Havoc stole an unactivated one and reprogrammed it, naming it Clanker. Appa, Havoc, and Clanker freed two clones from prison; Asec and Urav. Asec and Urav then went to the power generator and completly destroyed the Sep outpost.

Redeployment Edit

"Your troops are settled, Commander? And ready for the fray?"
"Yes, sir. They've adjusted well, and will do you proud."
―Cade and Havoc, upon the latter's arrival on the Invinsible
Havoc and Cade soon returned to Klatooine, where Havoc manned a blaster training range to maintain his troops' marksmanship skills. Just over a week after their return, word reached the Jedi High Council that General Grievous was targeting the planet Terellia, home to the key Republic-affiliated Terellian Jango Jumper Spynet. Cade was subsequently given command of his own battle group to defend the strategic world from the Confederacy. Olivve, who was out of action due to being injured in a recentterrorist bombing, had Havoc and the 536th Legion put on standby, knowing that Cade would want them for his strike force. After receiving his orders, Havoc got his men settled on the Invinsible, which was being prepared for Cade's fleet along with two other Venator-class Star Destroyers, the Upper Deck and Barrisso. He enjoyed a brief reunion with Cade and Tyler, who were pleased that he had been assigned to their task force. Once all was ready, they set off for the Terellia system, with Grievous and an armada of four Munificent-class star frigates pursuing them there. Although they beat Grievous to Terellia, Cade, Tyler, and Havoc learned from Olivve that Grievous had not abandoned his pursuit of them.

As Olivve told them, Grievous was still on course to the Terellia system, having merely stopped to take on two additional frigates, which he had used to overwhelm Republic forces on the planet Kashyyk. Despite being outnumbered two-to-one in vessels, Cade was intent on protecting Terellia and was unwilling to let it fall to the Confederacy. He deployed a detachment of AT-TE walkers under Havoc's command to the asteroid belt surrounding the gas giant Guiteica, from where they would be able to outflank Grievous once his fleet passed through the asteroids. After Grievous's frigates arrived in the system, proceeded through the asteroid belt—as well as the AT-TEs hidden there—and opened fire on the Republic Star Destroyers, Havoc and his men turned the tide of the battle by attacking the frigates, targeting their aft sections. The ambush was all the more successful because the unsuspecting Grievous had diverted all of his frigates' power to their forward shields instead of their rear ones. The Invinsible,Upper Deck, and Dauntless annihilated the trapped Separatist armada, but not before Grievous was able to flee from his command ship. Cade's Delta-7B starfighter took on damage while pursuing Grievous's personal starfighter, Soulless One, and veered off-course toward the asteroid belt.

Havoc led a search-and-rescue mission into the asteroid belt; he managed to save Cade from his crippled starfighter but could not retrieve C8-D3, who had served as the Jedi General's astromech co-pilot. Havoc and Tyler met with Cade in the Invinsible's medbay once he had regained consciousness and brought him up to date with the battle's success, albeit with the loss of C8-D3. After conducting an unsuccessful search for his astromech droid, Cade was forced to declare C8-D3 missing in action. Believing that the Invinsible, Upper Deck, and Dauntless could use modifications, Cade took his fleet back to the Rodia shipyards where they had been manufactured. Eventually, Olivve contacted Cade and Tyler and tasked them with finding a new Confederate listening post  that was intercepting Grand Army transmissions. Departing from the shipyards on his new assignment, Cade elected to personally reconnoiter space suspected of Confederate activity while the rest of his forces concentrated on a more central path. Upon being informed of Cade's reconnaissance plan, Havoc questioned whether he was sure about scouting ahead alone, but Cade was certain that more than one fighter would attract too much enemy attention.

Cade brought along the replacement astromech droid G1-R7 and departed from the Invinsible  in his retrieved Delta-7B starfighter, unaware that G1-R7 was a spy working for Grievous. Not long after Cade left, Tyler received a signal from the homing beacon of his Master's interceptor—his covert position had been compromised. Havoc quickly gathered a squad of troopers to accompany Tyler aboard the Heavy Hammer, and they arrived to reinforce Cade, whom Grievous was cornering with two Munificent-class frigates and a squadron of Vulture droids. Due to the fact that enemy fire had ruptured his hyperspace docking ring, Cade piloted his starfighter into the Heavy Hammer's cargo bay to retreat aboard the gunship. With Havoc and his men providing covering fire as gunners, Driver maneuvered the Heavy Hammer right between the adjacent wings of the enemy frigates. As soon as they were clear, Havoc engaged the Heavy Hammer's hyperdrive, executing a successful escape. A short while later, C8-D3, whom the scavenger Eed Ovsge had captured, was able to get a message through to the Heavy Hammer. Havoc tracked the transmission's origin to Ryloth, where they proceeded to investigate the source.
Within the upper atmosphere of Ryloth, Rex and his comrades found Chamsy Station, the Separatist listening post that they were after, and they concluded from C8-D3's message that the astromech droid was aboard the station. Despite orders from Olivve to focus on sabotaging the enemy outpost, Cade resolved to mount a dual operation to destroy the base and save C8-D3. Once the Heavy Hammer entered the atmosphere of the planet, Cade, Tyler, Havoc, and four other troopers used the Force and JT-12 jetpacks, respectively, to safely land on the station many meters below. Havoc carried G1-R7 to the station at Tyler's behest, a job he was not enthusiastic about undertaking because of the astromech's substantial weight. Upon landing with the heavy G1-R7 in his arms, he insisted that he would never lug around an astromech droid again. Havoc entered the station with the squad and joined another trooper in shooting down two B1 battle droid guards in their path. At a nearby computer terminal, G1-R7 accessed the building schematics of the battlesphere, which Havoc used to brief their team on the location of the station's reactors. If its reactors were destroyed, Chamsy Station's repulsorlift generators would be compromised, which would consequently plummet the battlesphere to Ryloth's surface.

While Cade left to rescue C8-D3 on his own, Havoc, Tyler, and their men went to plant explosives at the reactor room thirty levels below, where they found that an alarm had triggered the door's ray shield. G1-R7 plugged into a terminal and tried to bypass the shield, but as time went on Havoc became doubtful of G1-R7's abilities and questioned them. Though Tyler admonished him, telling him to be patient, G1-R7 was actually stalling to give a battle droid patrol time to ambush the Republic team. The astromech droid's efforts succeeded when a squad of B1 battle droids reached their location and attacked them. While Tyler deflected laser shots with her lightsaber, Havoc and his men used the hallway's supports as cover and opened fire on the battle droids. G1-R7, meanwhile, activated the reactor room's secondary door, sealing off the Jedi and clones from the reactors. When B2 super battle droids arrived from the other direction, effectively outgunning the clone troopers and trapping them in a crossfire, Tyler had Rex utilize electro magnetic pulse grenades—nicknamed "droid poppers"—against their adversaries. A grenade tossed in both directions deactivated all of the droids, though the ensuing respite in fighting did not last long. Immediately thereafter, Grievous arrived and confronted the team, batting Tyler aside and attacking Havoc and the clone troopers. They targeted their blasterfire at Grievous but were knocked aside, and all of the troopers save for Havoc and Hotshot were killed.

As Grievous prepared to kill the unconscious Havoc, Tyler intervened mid-strike to block the cyborg general's blow with his own lightsaber. He continued to distract Grievous by drawing him into a storage room; Havoc and Hotshot learned of his exploits after regaining consciousness. Although Havoc protested to Tyler's course of action over a comlink transmission, he complied with his orders to complete their mission. He and Hotshot broke into the reactor room and planted the explosives, then departed for the landing bay to rendezvous with Cade and The Heavy Hammer. The Jedi General was alarmed to learn that Tyler had engaged Grievous in single combat and insisted that they take him to assist him. As Havoc and Hotshot headed for the hangar's exit with Cade and the Heavy Hammer's clone trooper pilot, G1-R7 sealed the blast doors and the rest of the exits. The astromech droid also activated several Vulture droids hanging from recharge racks on the roof to prevent the Jedi and clones from escaping, revealing his loyalties to Grievous and the Separatists. Surrounded by Vulture droids on one side and super battle droids on the other, Havoc, Cade, and the troopers ran for cover behind several nearby crates while returning the droids' blasterfire.

During the ensuing firefight, Cade ordered Havoc to activate the explosives at the reactors despite the fact that they were still in the station. Havoc complied and detonated the charges, beginning Chamsy Station's gravity-pulled descent into the atmosphere of Ryloth. Presently, Tyler—having escaped from Grievous—reached the hangar via a ventilation shaft and joined the fight, eliminating two of the Vulture droids. When Havoc noticed several fuel cells close by, Cade called on the Force to hurtle one of them at the droids, and Havoc placed a well-aimed shot on the cell. The resulting explosion obliterated all of the battle droids. Once C8-D3 opened the hangar door via an external terminal, the Jedi and clones escaped from the doomed Chamsy Station aboard the Heavy Hammer, and Cade completed their successful operation by finally retrieving his astromech droid.

While Havoc, Cade, Olivve, and Tyler were serving aboard the flagship of the Republic Navy, Tyler intercepted a Rebel SOS signal from Coruscant. Determined to prove himself, he secretly took a shuttle to investigate the transmission's source. Cade, Olivve, and Havoc soon discovered his absence and also learned that the signal had been fake—Tyler had fallen into a Separatist trap. The two Jedi Generals quickly took the Heavy Hammer to Coruscant, where they rescued Tyler from a battle droid detachment.

Mission to Naboo Edit

"You don't mean to go on the mission, do you, Commander? It's not really your job. It's mine, in the absence of any embarked troops. And I've done extractions before. Except we'll do this one my way, and with any luck it won't turn out like Dathomir."
―Havoc, to Lorth Needa

Personality and traitsEdit

Leader from the front Edit

"Permission to take point, sir?"
"I'm always first, kid."
―Shaak and Havoc

Gruff, no-nonsense, and tough as carbonite nails, the elite CC-1212 was an aggressive and battle-scarred veteran of the Clone Wars. Hardened by countless engagements with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Havoc—as he chose to be named—retained a reputation as one of the best and toughest clone troopers in the galaxy. Freethinking, fearless, and resilient, he preferred to be more diplomatic than the headstrong Advanced Recon Commandos when it came to operating with his superiors, though he would not hesitate to give higher-ranking Jedi officers his blunt opinion. He regarded his assignments with the utmost priority, and true to his genetic engineering, he often put them before his own safety, recognizing the importance of doing his part to ensure an objective's completion. A cunning warrior who was versed in military strategy, Havoc led from the front and, in some cases, would have fought ahead of his Jedi General, Cade. Far from being recklessness, his courage and willingness to jump into the fray helped the Republic win numerous victories. His outspokenness and aggression notwithstanding, he held that it was a soldier's duty to follow orders, faithfully executing them even when he disagreed, with little concern for his own well-being. Although he was willing to lay down his life for victory if need be, he came to acknowledge that in some cases, soldiers had to make their own decisions.

Brave and selfless, Havoc was resolute in his dedication to his comrades. He recognized the need for galactic order and believed that the war was crucial to preserve the civilization that the Republic safeguarded. In spite of sometimes disagreeing with the management of the Republic's war effort by the Jedi High Council and the Galactic Senate, he remained committed in his service to the Republic. While on the war's front lines, he often become concerned for the safety of his Jedi officers, particularly for Cade, Tyler, and Olivve. As such, Havoc was hesitant to follow orders that put the Jedi in danger, especially those that came from the Jedi themselves, and was willing to sacrifice his life for the Jedi. He came to regard his clone brethren as his home and family, and he never forgot the many brothers whom he had lost to the war. His first near-loss of a unit, Death Squad, at the Battle of Dathomir hardened him even further, and the fact that he had survived the ordeal was visible in his character from then on. During that campaign, Havoc did not waver in his commitment to the mission, in spite of the possibility that the battle could be his last. While leading a squad of rookie soldiers against a full Separatist detachment for control of Shadda Station, he disregarded the odds against him, focusing only on his objective to destroy the Separatist base.

Despite witnessing enough of his comrades die to know that there was nothing glorious about war, Havoc was unafraid to do his duty as a soldier of the Republic, even if it meant placing his own life and those of his troops in jeopardy. He made tough decisions calmly, would never back down from a fight, and was willing to fight to the last man if necessary; during the Second Battle of Serenno, he even denounced a retreat as a cowardly tactic. Toughness aside, he viewed military service as an honor and greatly cared for the troops under his command, refusing to leave anyone behind if at all possible. He held the Separatist battle droids in contempt for all the damage that they had wrought on both him and his clone brethren, and cutting through droids on the battlefield frequently became an outlet for his rage and a way to avenge his fallen brothers. Despite his enmity with the Separatists, he assiduously lived by rules of engagement that transcended unwarranted behavior, regardless of provocation. After the loss of troopers Teny and Ears during a rescue mission, Havoc pushed his anger to one side so that it would serve as fuel for the job at hand, intending to surrender to his feelings when in private. Sometimes, he even saw death as a method to assuage his belief that he had failed his men and to stop wondering how many more of them he would lose the next day. Yet he never gave up, watching over his troops throughout the pan-galactic conflict. Havoc's care for his rookie 536th troopers on Naboo was so substantial that he was surprised that his first instinct was not to look after Tyler, whom he usually guided and mentored, but instead to take care of his men.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leading clone of The Clone Wars Unleashed Edit

"It must be gratifying to see how Havoc has resonated. People love this character."
"Havoc is a rock, man. He is dependable, he's smart, he's flexible, and in a way, he's kind of the heart in the tragic change and tragic switch that has to happen with the demise of the Jedi and the Order 66 and everything that has to happen. I mean, he's been there from the beginning when this was a pure mission. And it slowly starts to fall apart or there's a misstep here or a misstep there… And you know things are starting to change for Tyler. You know that that's going to happen. But how does that happen for Havoc?"
―ERD's Sharon Parke and voice actor Pete Cross, in an August 2011 interview preceding the television series' fourth season

The character of Commander Havoc was created for the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unleashed film and television series, with his place in the spotlight turning him into a fan favorite among Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages. Prior to his debut in the television series, he was featured in February 2008 as a promotional mail-order figure that kicked off Hasbro's Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unleashed toy line. After his "CC-1212" designation was attributed in his Databank entry on in May 2008, Havoc made his first appearance in Star Wars canon in The Clone Wars Unleashed film's novelization and junior novelization, which were published on July 26, 2008. As the television series' primary clone trooper character, Havoc played a part throughout the series' five broadcast seasons, which aired from October 2008 to March 2013. He also appeared in several episodes of the series' sixth season, which was released on Netflix in March 2014.

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