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Power belongs to those who can wield it.
—Havelock Pahmus

Havelock Pahmus was an ambitious and cunning admiral of the Galactic Empire and the founder and first Emperor of the New Empire. Having amassed power and influence from the moment he entered active service, he acted swiftly following the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor and carved out a small empire in the western galaxy. From there he consolidated his forces and conducted effective but discreet campaigns to extend his sphere of influence without alerting the New Republic.

When his powerbase growing and popularity swelling as a result of progressive policies, Havelock Pahmus rallied considerable forces under his banner, absorbing the realms of lesser Imperial leaders and gaining many unexpected allies He continuously manipulated rogue warlords as well as the media and military of the New Republic in order to claim numerous strategic targets without being detected. Eventually, after a number of campaigns that a beleaguered New Republic could not counteract, Havelock felt ready to realize his dreams of galactic domination and demanded that the New Republic surrender the Core, leading to the Imperial-Republic War. After a lifetime of preparation, Havelock finally claimed the office of Galactic Emperor with the conquest of Coruscant in 25 ABY.

By the conclusion of the Imperial-Republic War, the New Empire had replaced the New Republic as the dominant power of the galaxy, with Emperor Havelock the ruler of almost half the galaxy. Not content with this, he continued to expand and strengthen the Empire for the duration of his rule, greatly increasing its already impressive domains and stature. He remained Emperor for close to twenty years, surviving many assassination attempts, having several children and countless romantic relationships, pursuing his numerous artistic callings and led the New Empire to galactic dominance. In 50 ABY, following two decades on the throne, he retired from politics, passing his title and office to his protégé Jerec. Thirteen years later, the legendary statesman passed away peacefully in his sleep.


Physical appearanceEdit

Havelock was a handsome man of average height with shining blond hair and green eyes.


I may lack many virtues, but I have other qualities. Intelligence. Generosity. Ambition. The ambition to excel.
—Havelock Pahmus

Personality and traitsEdit

When a man carries great potential, he has a responsibility to wield power for the greater good.
—Havelock Pahmus

Havelock often described himself as a dualistic person. By this he meant the double life he led as both the most powerful man in the galaxy as well as being himself. Deep down he was a very private person who didn't share much of his personal life with the media or the citizenry of the empire at large. In public he maintained a stage persona of a calm, dispassionate statesman with a diplomatic smile. This was to project an image of a strong and wise leader to inspire confidence and trust in his role as the most powerful man in the galaxy. While Havelock was without a doubt a great leader both military and politically, those who were closest to him knew that while at work, Havelock was nothing but the leader.

Havelock was a pragmatic and industrious ruler highly devoted to his office. While he made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was for all intents and purposes a self imposed dictator, he nevertheless insisted that he was a public servant first and foremost. His genuine aspirations to be a "benevolent dictator", and his flawless performance being one, made the people acknowledge him as a fair and competent leader. His code of conduct as a gentleman and a firm opponent of populism made him loved and respected rather than hated and feared like the emperor before him. By never doing anything with the intention of trying to be popular, he actually was.

Havelock was a highly intelligent man, and an almost stereotypical intellectual. He was a calm but rapid speaker who quickly and clearly got the point across, traits which made others listen earnestly and immediately. Most of the time, however, he preferred to listen to others instead of talking himself, being a calculating thinker rather than an impassioned speaker. All of this only served to further enhance his strange charisma. Even political adversaries such as Leia Organa Solo of the New Republic couldn't help but feel respect for him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Havelock Pahmus is an embellished blend of the author of this article and Terry Pratchett's Discworld character Havelock Vetinari, the patrician of the fictional city state of Ankh-Morpork. His first name is derived from this character, while the surname is an anagram of the first name of the author of this article.

Havelock is an English surname which means "sea war", a fitting name for an admiral like Havelock Pahmus.

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