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Hapans are Stupid (Or how to shamelessly exploit the conceptual, design and tactical flaws of the Hapan Battle Dragon) was an essay written by Alvis Preston following his defeat of a force of Hapan Battle Dragons. The essay was a detailed plan of how to defeat a Hapan force through use of superior tactics and exploiting the numerous flaws in Hapan starship design and operations. It was considered to be the definitive treatise on the subject matter.

The core of Alvis' plan was the Battle Dragon's noted inability to deal with multiple targets, and the excessively overdesigned turret system. The essay espoused the point of separating individual ships from each other, disabling or crippling their turret rings and then overkilling with firepower. However, to get the best out of this plan, it was said that one would need a large number of very big ships, preferably Imperial-class Star Destroyers.

The essay was banned inside the Hapes Consortium as "subversive literature".

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