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The Handmaidens' Graveyard was a large graveyard on Naboo, first created in 380 BBY, in which any handmaiden who expressed no wish to the contrary before her death was buried. It consisted of an outer and inner graveyard; the latter was reserved to those who perished in service of their mistress. There was also a shrine in the outer graveyard, where plaques were put up and other memorials kept for those handmaidens for which no body remained to be buried. The shrine cellar included a databank with information on all handmaidens in history, an interactive map of the graveyard, and a walk-in freezer. Just outside the shrine was a fountain.

In 32 BBY during the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, a group of royal handmaidens led by Saché Aeyinson stopped in the royal graveyard to get water and store the body of Moré Yelnina. There, they were found by two searcher droids and were forced to flee.

After 73 ABY, a second, much smaller shrine was put up in memory of Padmé Amidala's eighteen handmaidens, seven of which were not buried in the graveyard for various reasons. The second shrine was Nabé Harjoril's favorite place for meditation prior to her leaving Naboo.

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