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This article is about the organization called the Hand. You may be looking for the title of its members, the Hands.

The Black Hand, emblem of the Hand

The Hand (or Manua in ancient Decreton Sith) was an organization of Sith followers who directly assisted the Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire. Publicly, they didn't exist, but they were the eyes and ears of the Dark Lord.

Although there history extended far into the early history of the Sith Order of Decreto, the Hand gained their true notoriety during the Sith Crusade, where they were responsible for over 200 assassinations,including that of Cal Omas. Famous members of the Hand include Shae, Darth Wyyrlok, Darth Krayt and Darth Nihl, the only Hand to go public.

A member of the organization "Hand" was also known as a "Hand".

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