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Hammas were a species of non-sentient armored creatures native to Technos


Hammas had large, oval shaped bodies with a hard shell on the back. Their heads were also armored ovals, with black eyes and no teeth. They also have bony ridges that stretched from above the eye to the neck. Additionally, they had long tails with spikes jutting from the top and sides and it ended with a cylindrical shaped club that also had spikes protruding from it. They were believed to be distantly related to Armadillos. They were tan in color.


They had a calm and friendly nature and only attacked when threatened or scared. They were herbivores and ate only low lying shrubs, grasses and leaves that fell from trees although they could just use their club-like tails to knock leaves off. They were often used as mounts for wealthy people who had enough money to train them or as battle steeds for military forces. They were fiercely loyal and would fight to the death to protect mates, children or creatures that they were attached to. They were prey to Gix although they were known to defend themselves against predators.

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