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This article is about Had Abbadon. You may be looking for Had Abaddon by Brandon Rhea.

Had Abbadon, codenamed Aurora Prime, was an ancient planet that was rumored to have been the origin for the Jedi Order or its forerunners. It was orbited by six moons. It later became the capital of the Nebulax Empire.



During the time of the Infinite Empire, it was believed that a Rakata starship crashed on Had Abbadon. The Force-sensitive natives on the planet, living in simple huts with no technology, discovered the crashed starship and its Force-powered hyperdrive. They used parts from the ship to create simple technology, and they even began to develop their use of the Force.

As a result, a religious sect known as the Viian Lank Uoio (roughly translated as The Warriors of the Crash, referring to the Rakata starship that they believed to be a god) developed. The Viian Lank Uoio became the religion, military, and government of the people of Had Abbadon. Although it is widely believed that all of the ancient people of Had Abbadon were Force-sensitive, it appears that there were at least some (if not the majority) that could not use the Force.

By the time of the formation of the Galactic Republic, it is unknown what happened to the inhabitants. Some believe that they managed to get off-world and go to Tython, where they and other Force-users laid the foundations of the Jedi Order. Others believe that the people of Had Abbadon simply died out. Whatever the case, either they or more "recent" (sometime after 25,000 BBY, but long before the Second Great Schism in 7,000 BBY) visitors to the world constructed Jedi or Jedi-like temples. One would later be converted into the Temple of the Gray Force.

Imperial eraEdit

Had Abbadon was rediscovered in 19 BBY by fugitive Jedi Master Darius Chranell and the 73rd Shadow Battalion following the execution of Order 66. They used the world as a safe haven for a few months.

Captain Jack Nebulax later discovered that Chranell and his forces were on the world. When he arrived with an Imperial force, a long battle erupted, leaving the wreckage of Venator-class Star Destroyers and Acclamator-class assault ships to dot the landscape as a result. It was after the battle that Nebulax realized the importance of the world.

After returning to Coruscant, Nebulax informed Emperor Palpatine of "his" discovery. Palpatine allowed Nebulax to set up a permanent settlement on the planet as its acting governor (later permanent governor). Hundreds of Humans and non-Humans alike came to Had Abbadon, and two cities were soon built—Founders' City and Aurora City, with the latter becoming the capital.

The Nebulax EmpireEdit

After the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Nebulax held elections on Had Abbadon for the citizens to decide what type of government they wanted and who they wanted to rule it. In a landslide, the people voted for an empire with a senate led by Nebulax as emperor.

The next day, in the Had Abbadon Declaration, he publicly announced the formation of the Nebulax Empire and the Had Abbadon Council as its senate. The Nebulax Empire began strong in its first year, but in 5 ABY, a civil war nearly tore it apart. The first battle nearly ended the empire, but with help from the Rebel Alliance, the second battle became a major victory.

Following the brief civil war, a series of reforms and expansions begin. With the discovery of valuable minerals elsewhere in the Unknown Regions, Had Abbadon prospered. The world would continue to prosper, until the Yuuzhan Vong War.


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