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" Question: Umm.... you are organic, aren't you?....... Question: Wouldn't that make you a son of a Meatbag?....... Exclamation: Selling me for saying that?! You just bought me an hour ago!"- HK-87.

HK-87 was a droid made in 1 A.B.Y. He was made by HK-47 to assassinate Imperials with his droid 'brothers' (HK-50s through 300). He was lost after killing 144 imperials in 2 A.B.Y. He was sold and bought by people in both the Rebellion and Imperials many times until 5 A.B.Y. At that time he was owned by a Rebel war hero. HK-87 fought in the Battle of Hoth. His master was killed during the evacuation, so HK-87 was owner-less. He wandered until he ended up back with HK-47 on Telos. He participated in the battle of Endor. Many people thought Wedge blew up the Death Star II . They are all wrong. Wedge, being drunk from drinking a lot of Coreillian ale, missed. HK-87 in his stealth bomber shot the blast that destroyed it. He made it out, and the HK army celebrated on Telos. It is unknown what happened to him after that.

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