Grishnak was a Zartan Jedi Master who ran a smuggling operation for the Rebel Alliance on his homeworld. In 0 ABY, he was found by Imperial forces, who destroyed the planet in retribution for what they viewed as harboring a fugitive. Grishnak managed to escape, along with his granddaughter Zeferi and a small entourage of smuggler types, but later wound up engaging the force that had destroyed his home in battle. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer Warhammer, he was decapitated by the ship's Force-sensitive captain, who bested him in lightsaber combat. However, Grishnak's second-in-command, Smuh, successfully initiated the vessel's self-destruct sequence. Smuh escaped with Zeferi and raised her as his own, but everyone else on board Warhammer was killed.

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