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Grigonians were a strange, long lived race of humanoid aliens who were native to the planet Bulpus.

Physical descriptionEdit

Grigonians were a race of beings who were considered to be the goblins of the galaxy. They had square heads, green, blue or red skin, scales, a single long pointed horn on the top of their heads, slit like nostrils, yellow cat like eyes, pointed teeth and long powerful arms with long powerful claws. The fierce look however was merely to scare off predators’ intent on making them a meal.


Grigonians often lived in large towns, preferring to keep away from over crowded cities and many owned farms because they had a love of natural food. They were also known as great artists and architects and with their long claws often carved grand sculptures from rocks and clay. Their idea of cities was a large pyramid like structure in the center of a very large town, surrounded by houses, the pyramid building was really a kind of temple with a statue of their deity on a raised altar. They enjoyed a good laugh, often at others expense, and loved to prank others, which was how they acquired the nickname "goblins of the galaxy". They were a species who loved to travel and often visited exotic planets, provided they weren't crowded of course. They were peace loving people and thus had a very small military which consisted of only 5,000 Grigonians.


The Grigonians were on good terms with the galaxy and would often trade their crops for objects that piqued their interest. However during the formation of the CIS they were offered a position in exchange for stopping all trade and they declined the offer. This greatly angered the CIS who openly attack Bulpus with a small portion of their army, knowing they could not defend themselves. In response the Grigonians sent out a cry for help to the Republic and so they sent a handful of Jedi to stop the rampaging CIS. Thankfully he operation was a success and the Grigorians felt they owed everything to the Jedi. During the great Jedi purge they sheltered as many Jedi as they could. Unfortunately however those that were caught with Jedi in their homes were often swiftly put to death. During the rise of the empire they weren't considered a threat due to their peace loving attitudes and minimum military, although the empire was particularly cruel to them for "housing enemies of the empire". A great majority of them joined the rebel alliance because of their hatred for the empire. When the empire fell no species celebrated harder then the Grigorians and sent representatives to join up with the new republic and a few even managed to become Jedi.


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Famous membersEdit

Among the most notable Grigonians was Darth Na A powerful female Sith who survived fifteen years prior to Chancellor Palpatine's birth to right up to the foundation of the new Jedi order. She was ultimately killed by master Jirachi Kna during a frantic lightsaber duel.

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