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The Grand Sith Army era was an era named after the Grand Sith Army.


  • In 120 BBY the Grand Sith Army Era starts.
  • In 100 BBY Darth Grunk destroys the planet Depan.
  • In 78 BBY Darth Grunk battles Jedi Master Sputnic and kills her.
  • In 65 BBY Darth Grunk travels to Dantioone, kills all the Jedi in the Jedi temple and declares war against the Jedi .
  • In 60 BBY Darth Grunk leader of the Grand Sith Army dies and Darth Singoria becomes Dark Lord of the Sith
  • In 59 BBY Darth Singoria wins the war by killing the Jedi Lord. The Sith Embasy on Gathar 5 is destroyed and the Sith lose control of the planet.
  • In 40 BBY Darth Singoria is killed by General Arav in a republic mission.
  • In 20 BBY General Arav becomes Supreme Commander of the Sith Armada Fleet.
  • In 7 BBY General Arav declares war against the Republic.
  • In 6 BBY the Mandalorian troopers join the Sith. The Mandalorians defeated the Republic Star Ship Fleet.
  • In 5 BBY the Mandalorian leader was killed by the Jedi Hell Squad on the planet Nixion.
  • In 4 BBY General Arav destroyes the planet Nixion with this entire Supreme Commander of the Sith Armada Fleet and takes over the planet Gathar 5, his home world.
  • In 3 BBY the Sith Embasy on Gathar 5 was rebuilt.
  • In 2 BBY General Arav leaves Gathar 5 for unknown reasons. The Sith take very heavy losses.
  • In 1 BBY some of the Grand Sith Army leaves Gathar 5. The Sith admit defeat to the Republic but kept control of Gathar 5.

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