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Gorn Krill was the founder, CEO, and largest share-holder of the starship production company; Decreton Shipyards.

Formerly a New Republic Defense Contractor, Krill fled at the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War fearing for his life. He fled into the Unknown Regions with several aids and found a highly-technological planet with everything it needed, except a way of their planet.

Krill offered them a way off, he set up a starship company — Unknown Explorers — and became the richest person on the planet. And by the year 46 ABY, he was the most powerful man in the sector.

But in that very same year a new threat arrived. Krill saw his chance to expand his operations and made a deal with the Sith Lord.

If Krill would produce starships for the rising Decreton Empire at a drastically cut price, then he would be allowed to remain in power in that sector.

By the beginning of the Sith Crusade Krill had become the most powerful man in the Decreton Empire with the exception of anyone within the Decreton military.