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Gorc Jak'ta was of an unknown alien species. Gorc was strong in the Force.



Gorc was born on a planet of Force Wielders named Gravon. Gorc Jak’ta received his first name from his Great Grandfather, who was once a prophet of sorts in his home village. His last name came from the name of his clan, or his family. Gorc was trained from birth once he had a standard miniclorian test which was required of all newborns in his village. The test revealed that Gorc sustained over 48,900 midiclorians, which was more than any other in their village before. He was trained by a combination of his older brothers, who were also very in tune with the Force.

Jedi TrainingEdit

Once Gorc’s brothers had finished with his training, he left the planet, much to the dismay of his people. He traveled to Courascaunt, where he arrogantly presented himself as the next leader of the council, signaling out Yoda for a challenge. The two fought, not looking to kill each other. Yoda defeated Gorc, and scolded him on how much he had to learn. Yet they believed he might be the chosen one the prophecy spoke of. He was assigned Mace Windu as his mentor, who taught him the Seventh Lightsaber Combat Technique: Vaapad. He was a training success, a great Jedi. But all great Jedi have their flaws. Gorc turned to the Dark Side, forsaking the Jedi Order and his people.

Sith LifeEdit

Gorc was trained by a Sith Lord named Darth Venshee. He taught him how to utilize all types of the Force, and he soon became much more powerful than before. Gorc eventually became a Sith Lord and was convinced by Venshee to head back to his home planet and exterminate his people, who posed a severe threat. He followed through, and extinguished them. When he returned to Venshee, he learned that Venshee was no longer allowed to train him. Gorc went temporarily insane and tried to commit suicide by flying into one of two of Gravon’s suns. He was soon interrupted by a message, which he later found out was from one of his many brothers. He abandoned ship and was reunited again. His brother was unaware that Gorc had killed their people, and thus, they suffered together.

Clone WarsEdit

Gorc was assigned his first apprentice after many years of being with the Jedi again. She was a female Twi’lek named Stirla. They went to Utapau to lead a battalion of clones there. He soon learned that he was physically attracted to her and fell in love. When Order 66 was executed, Stirla and Gorc fled. They were encountered by a Force Wielding bounty hunter known only by the name Rhakiem. Rhakiem murdered Stirla while keeping Gorc from helping. Gorc ran towards his ship to escape and encountered another clone, who actually wanted to help him. His name was Sphen, and the two traveled the galaxy for years. Gorc eventually fled from the Empire to a planet beyond the outer rim. The next chapter of his life is unknown.


Gorc fought alongside Commander Daxel Piran in the Galactic Civil War. During the Rebellion he met up with many people including Demora IX and an old aquantance Sphen. He was also able to track down Rhakiem and kill him. Gorc eventually turned back to the Dark Side shortly, ending it with killing his old master Darth Venshee. He rejoined the rebellion, but after a long time, he once more turned to the Dark Side, tripling his power. It is unknown as to whether or not he ever returned.

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