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Prepare to die, Sith! Put on some weight recently?
—Gitus Syron

Gitus Syron was a Human from the planet Felucia, related to Mace Windu very distantly. Working as a guard initially for Sythen Kurak, he and his brother Sivien later became bounty hunters after the final death of Darth Krayt.


Early lifeEdit

Born on the planet Felucia and raised on Station 47 as a guard. When he and his brother showed Force ability, he received special training.


A guard for Sythen Kurak, he was essentially raised for that very job. When Kurak first came out of stasis with time-sickness, he required these guards; however, Gitus and Sivien became not needed shortly thereafter. After the job they received several thousand credits in payment. Using this money to buy bounty hunter equipment, they set out on quite a lucrative career as such for several years.


Thus, we became old farts.
—Gitus Syron


It is unknown how Gitus died; however, it is presumable that he died of age.

Personality and traitsEdit

An almost hyperactive joker, he was well known for spouting off random jokes and insults in the middle of a fight. He used this to anger his enemies to the point they couldn't think straight.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Better at the Force than his brother, he used minor telekinesis to a fair extent in his fights. Mostly, though, he used the Force to enhance his reflexes in a fight. Using a yellow-bladed lightsaber as a bounty hunter, he utilized Forms II, III, and V.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some of Gitus's character is based off of Deadpool in Marvel Comics; namely, his jokester status and his endless chatter in a fight.

See alsoEdit

  • Sythen Kurak
  • Sivien Syron

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