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Gin Chima was a male Hapan and the mate of Feraala. He was exiled from the Hapes Consortium because a member of a rival house implicated him in his ex-wife's murder, a crime he didn't commit.

He fled to the colony of Ilum and integrated into its government and worked to help it survive. There he met his future wife, Feraala, and although he had grown weary of women, he found that the only women he was weary of were Hapan women and soon fell in love with her.

When the reborn Nat-ahn Mandrex had come to Ilum in order to bring out his son, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, so that he could fight him, Feraala was captured by Nat-ahn and transformed into an exact duplicate of Abigaile Kenobi. Following Nat-ahn's defeat at Nathan's hands, he and Feraala were reunited, but they were soon torn apart by another threat.

The Dark Acolytes of Darth Verraeter had come to take control of the planet for the Der Hintergedanke. They were separated and soon found themselves on opposite sides as Feraala had been turned to the dark side.

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